Vancouver Weight Loss Specialist Says Eating Beets May Help You Lose Weight Faster

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Looking for a way to boost the effects of exercise and lose weight? According to Vancouver Weight Loss Specialist, Bettina Mackenbach, “Try eating beets or drinking beetroot juice before your next workout!” 

The vegetable renowned as the base ingredient for borscht and for leaving vivid red marks on your plates, beets are also high in antioxidants and nutrients. According to Vancouver weight loss coach Bettina Mackenbach, beets (also known as Beta vulgaris) are a rich source of betaine, potassium, magnesium and sodium, and can help lower blood pressure. And in a UK study at the University of Exeter, researchers found that beetroot juice can enhance exercise performance, allowing participants to continue with high-intensity physical activities for longer.

The effects of beetroot juice on exercise, according to Vancouver weight loss specialist

Vancouver weight loss specialist points us in the right direction… Researchers Stephen Bailey, et al., believe that oxygen in the body can be preserved for submaximal exercise if an individual takes sodium nitrate supplements prior to the activity. And since beetroot juice is a good source of inorganic nitrate, they hypothesized that it would increase the participants’ tolerance to high-intensity exercise.

In the study, eight healthy men were recruited for the double-blind trial and baseline measures were recorded in terms of their exercise efficiency. Over a period of six days for the experimental portion, one group was given 500 mL/day of beetroot juice while a second group was given the same amount in blackcurrant juice as a placebo. Both groups were asked to complete moderate- and severe-intensity exercise tests for the last three days (step tests and varying levels of cycling). Various physiological measures were assessed and it was found that the beetroot juice group had a greater concentration of plasma nitrite (an increase of 96% on average) and significantly lower systolic blood pressure when compared to the placebo group.

The results also show that the consumption of beetroot juice improved measures of muscle oxygenation. The researchers report that intake of sodium nitrate boosts the efficiency of muscle oxidative metabolism. The participants’ tolerance for high-intensity cycling was significantly higher than the placebo group. “This is typical of what beets can do for you,” says Vancouver weight loss specialist, Mackenbach.

Mackenbach, as a Vancouver weight loss specialist, adds, “Since the oxygen cost of cycling is consistent among humans regardless of age and training status, Bailey et al.’s experiment results can be applied to the general population.” With a higher tolerance for endurance exercises, individuals will be able to work towards their weight loss goals more efficiently.

For more information on how to lose weight and improving your exercise regime, see a Vancouver weight loss specialist, or nutrition, health and wellness coach, like Bettina Mackenbach. After a personalized consultation, a Vancouver weight loss coach can recommend an exercise and food program that is right for you in reaching your health goals.


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