The Two Weight Loss Patterns – a Universal Picture

weight loss patterns

Fractals are amazing images because they reflect organized chaos, invoke a sense of art, and show how the universe works on both the macro and the micro levels. What does this have to do with weight loss and you? Well, fractals show two trends, just like throughout the universe and this world, on many levels, and how we can apply it to our own weight loss patterns to realize that just because something appears to be happening at one level does not mean something else is not happening at another.

Weight loss patterns are much like a yo-yo sometimes… up and down, up and down. But it seems that things come in waves, or cycles, and this is the pattern. There is sometimes a long lull, or drug-out time period where it seems like stasis is a kind of permanent mode… where equilibrium is set and we don’t or can’t seem to lose weight.

Then one day our weight loss patterns change and you suddenly start losing weight without knowing what kicked in to make it happen, or else you try harder to force it into action. Sometimes weight gain can occur similarly, where you don’t think you are eating that much extra, but the next thing you know you are bloating up and gaining weight like crazy. You step on the scale and suddenly you are 5 pounds heavier than you were three days ago. What happened?!

These are the two weight loss patterns—long-term stasis and sudden change.

The two weight loss patterns – how they work

Long-term stasis, and sudden change… The universe is full of examples of this same set of two patterns.

At the level of the Big Bang, you have the initial “bang” (sudden change) and then once galaxies and worlds formed we have since (at least on our world) had a sense of stasis, or equilibrium held so that life could continue for the last 4.6 billion years.

In geology and biology in evolutionary history we have gradualism (stasis), and punctuated equilibrium (sudden change). Gradualism is where a continent or even a species might remain the same for a very, very long time, and then suddenly some environmental change occurs causing a series of minute or small changes within the land or organism, which compiled causes an outward and more “sudden” appearing change.

Similarly, we may stick strictly to our diet and find that long-term stasis is at the forefront of these two weight loss patterns. Weight loss seems stuck, no matter what you try.

Then one day something unseen kicks in, but behind the scenes has been happening all along, and the equilibrium is broken, and everything seems like it speeds up! You’re dropping pounds like mad!

Stasis is more like losing a little weight over a long period of time… slowly, oh so slowly. It can be achingly slow, but sometimes can be a healthier way of doing things, depending.

Sudden change is like when someone has gastric bypass surgery and suddenly loses over 100 lbs in a short amount of time. This is drastic, full of energy (loss), and severe, and can sometimes have severe side effects as well.

What weight loss patterns look like

Stasis is like looking at a long line drawn across several sheets of paper. This is great if we want to maintain a level of weight loss for the long-term.

Sudden change is like taking that line and spinning it into a spiral, where it has a lot of energy in a small amount of space. This is where real things begin to happen!

These are the two weight loss patterns, and remember that just because you “appear” to not be losing weight (stasis), does not mean that you are not losing inches. Check your weight as well as measure your hips, thighs, belly, arms, etc. because our bodies are intricately complicated organisms, and weight loss patterns can include loss or gain happening in different areas of the body, at the same time!

What are your weight loss patterns, and why do you think they are occurring? Sometimes just taking a circumstance of stasis and adding in a little extra spiral-like (sudden change) energy, such as exercising an extra 20 minutes per day, can spark weight loss once again.


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