Your Tongue and Health – Signs and Symptoms

tongue and health

“Stick out your tongue!” That’s what a medical doctor (MD) or naturopathic doctor (ND) will probably tell you when you go see him/her at a regular check-up for a doctor’s visit. So what do your tongue and health issues have in common? Well, according to ancient practices, as well as some support from modern medicine, more famous physicians like Dr. Oz, naturopathic doctors (ND), and other sources, the tongue can be an excellent indicator of other problems going on in the body. 

It is the color or texture of the tongue and health problems that are revealed there is how it works. There are a number of different methods people have used throughout history to checking the tongue and health, and also that medical practitioners use today to check for disease or health indicators via the tongue.

Tongue and health problems – different practices

In ayurvedic medicine (often practiced in India, etc.) the tongue and health are synonymous. The tongue and health issues could be showing that you have intestinal or colon problems, kidney dysfunction, liver, spleen, pancreas, or stomach issues. Or it could mean you have too much candida (yeast) or mucous in the body, or a host of other issues.

There is a map of the tongue at the Vataworld site that shows which areas of the tongue and health problems actually show up on the tongue. The Vata, Pitta, and Kapha tongue types will tell you how his map is interpreted so you know what might be wrong in your body.

Dr Oz – your tongue and health

A video on the Dr. Oz show explains how your tongue and health problems may be connected. A coated tongue could be an indicator of bacteria build-up. They show examples of a tongue with cancer, and also other health issues.

Geographic tongue, or a fissured tongue is where the tongue has a strange whitish (or other color) growth, or deep grooves, respectively, but may be harmless. There is no known source of the problem, however, it could associated with some health problems.

Tongue and health – liver and intestines

According to the Liver Doctor, the tongue and health problems in the liver and intestines may go hand in hand. A white coating on your tongue could indicate that your digestion is not working as well as it should, and that there might be other issues such as candida, parasites/bugs, or that your liver is sluggish.

If your tongue does not look pink and smooth like it should, and has discoloration, grooves or bumps or other irregularities, you may want to have it checked by your doctor. Naturopathic doctors also often have keen insight into health problems that show up on the surface of your tongue, so get checked, and be well!


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