Tips for Not Breaking Your Diet

breaking your diet

Breaking your diet can be a tough thing for a lot of people. Sometimes it seems hard to avoid snack foods, especially when others are eating it in front of you, or you are too hungry, there are not a lot of food choices, or you are just not in the mood. Luckily, there are some tips and sound advice on how to keep from breaking your diet.

Keeping a positive attitude is everything! I think a more positive way of putting “NOT breaking your diet” would be to say, “staying on your diet.” However, it is what it is, and many people think and speak in the negative rather than the positive.

But you see, this is the first excellent tip, because instead of opening the fridge and saying, “I can’t have this,” or “I can’t have that,” or “If I eat that it I will gain weight,”  or “To hell with my diet!” or “Oh, just this once…” or similar things.

Instead, think of what you CAN have that will help you stay on your diet plan, rather than what you cannot have.

I had this happen just this morning. My son’s leftover grilled skirt steak looked good sitting there in the fridge, staring at me, begging me to eat it, and I could have easily made a steak sandwich with it. I imagined what could be put on it… mayo, some swiss cheese, lettuce, and my Dave’s Power Seed bread… and then I realized how tasty it would be, and FATTENING and full of carbs, and would be breaking my diet.

I thought about it, realizing that my goal today was to eat vegan and to stay away from all animal products (meats, dairy, and eggs, included). So I made some coffee, grabbed a stalk of celery, spread some sunflower seed butter on it, and topped it with some mixed raw nuts with raisins.

While I ate my ‘appetizer’ I cooked up some yellow squash and onions in a tidbit of olive oil, salt, and pepper until caramelized, and had that with some sliced tomato on the side. I drank some coconut water with it, and decided I would eat a banana an hour later for ‘dessert.’ Viola! I had a meal that was tasty, nutritious, easy, fast, filling, and helped me stick to the diet plan I had in mind.

Breaking your diet breaks your momentum

Breaking your diet can slow weight loss, or even reverse it, causing weight gain. It seems like even one ‘bad meal’ (unhealthy meal, with sugar, white flour, high fat, or such) can reverse everything I’ve worked so hard to do all week long. If not reverse it, then at least put my weight loss on hold for a few days. Ultimately it is not worth it.

Breaking your diet should not keep you from losing weight. So stop and think… stop and think… stop and think… which brings me to the next part…

Put the brakes on breaking your diet

Putting the brakes on your car means to slow down quickly to stop. If you find yourself breaking your diet, and you THINK about it once, then just STOP IT! Stop what you are doing at that very moment, and reverse it. Put the food away, and get something healthier instead. You know better. Follow that small still voice within (your conscience, or the ‘little angel’ on the shoulder, or whatever you want to call it) and listen. Just do it! No excuses.

Breaking your diet hurts your health

Above all, a diet should not really be as much for losing weight as it should be for health. My inspiration for losing the 75 lbs that I have has been mainly due to my boyfriend, whom eats healthy. He says that food should not be eaten for taste, but for nutrition that your body needs. Nothing else. It’s a pretty basic way of looking at it, but indeed, I have to agree.

Our bodies need fuel, and food is how we give it that. Taste is merely bonus! So think on things before breaking your diet, and make a plan not just to stick to your diet, but to eat for health.

Focusing on health is probably the number one reason why I am able to stick to my diet, besides staying accountable to someone, which is also an excellent way to keep from breaking your diet.

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