Three Necessary Elements for Long-Term Weight Loss

long-term weight loss

Long-term weight loss requires long-term vision and goals to see you through the process. What this typically means is that a bigger vision needs to be in place, like a weight goal in pounds that you want to lose, or a set weight goal amount for how much you want to wind up weighing once you’ve reached it. But what about how you get there? There are three long-term weight loss goals that I can recommend since I have “been there, done that” by losing 75 pounds over a long period of time (two years).

Big-picture goals are key elements for losing weight, regardless of how many pounds you desire to drop. Long-term weight loss can be achieved through unnatural (forced) means like weight loss surgery (gastric by-pass or lap-band) or you can do it the old fashioned way – eat less, eat healthier, and exercise more.

Long-term weight loss – do these three things:

These three things were the KEY elements for my long-term weight loss…

1)      Eat less

2)      Eat healthier

3)      Exercise more

Do these things seem to simple for long-term weight loss? In actuality, they are entirely crucial to success because they focus on issues that cause weight gain in the first place…

1)      People tend to gain weight when they eat TOO MUCH food (calories, fat, etc.)

2)      People tend to gain weight when they eat the WRONG KINDS of food (simple carbohydrates, processed foods, fried foods, etc.)

3)      People tend to gain weight when they are too SEDENTARY (lack of exercise can cause cardiovascular issues, circulatory problems, chronic slow-metabolic problems, etc.)

So naturally, for long-term weight loss to be your goal, and if eating too much, eating the wrong types of foods, and not walking or exercising enough has caused weight gain, then it would just be common sense that doing the opposite of what caused you to gain weight might just help you to lose it.

Here’s some tips for long-term weight loss with the above in mind…

1)      Eat less – restrict your calories to around 1200 calories per day

2)      Eat healthier – substitute healthier foods for ones you know are not good for you (whole wheat or multi-grain instead of white flour breads, low-fat or non-fat foods instead of high-fat foods, baked or roasted alternatives instead of fried, nut or coconut milk instead of dairy, raw nuts instead of meat, fresh berries instead of dessert, olive oil or coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, agave nectar or stevia instead of sugar, and so on.

3)      Exercise more – take a 10 minute walk three times a day, or do 45 minutes of cardio or walking 3 times per week. Start slowly if you must, and work up to it.

Good luck with your weight loss… doing these three small but super-important lifestyle changes can really make the difference!

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