emotional health

Emotional Health – Changing How You React

How many times have you had an argument with someone over the same thing, again and again, wishing the other person would change? Have you considered that, perhaps, they have wondered the same thing about you? Our emotional health is reliant on a few... »

passive aggressive

Passive Aggressive Behavior – Supplements and Helpful Advice

“I remember the day I found out my husband was passive-aggressive. I read the description, pointed to the words, and instantly new and remarked aloud that passive-aggression was it!” said a friend of mine. I decided to look into this̷... »

cut down on food

Lose Weight with JUST ONE Method – Cut Down on Food

Many years ago I heard a friend say something that has stuck in my soul ever since. It was his habit of saying “Just one” to things that were offered to him, food in particular. We were at a meeting with a group of people and Scott was of... »

drinking water safety

Drinking Water Safety When Traveling Abroad

I have been there, done that–drinking or eating food at someone else’s house or in another country and got the runs from bacteria or microorganisms in the food and/or water. Things we consume that are contaminated can make you sick, dizzy... »

nutrition chart

Nutrition Chart of Seeds, Nuts, and Grains – for Weight Loss

There are a lot of amazing resources on the Internet about any topic you wish to look up. Often I find myself looking at nutritive values of foods like seeds, nuts, and grains and so am always honing in on a good nutrition chart. I have found a good ... »

causes mouth sores

What Causes Mouth Sores?

What is it that causes mouth sores? Well, there can be a variety of reasons, from herpes, or allergies, or even reactions to acidic foods. Here’s a breakdown of what this actually means, and what you can do about it. What causes mouth sores can... »

top immune-boosting foods

Part 2: Top Immune-Boosting Foods

In Part 1: Top Immune-Boosting Foods, foods like larch, elderberry, garlic, yogurt, oregano oil, cruciferous vegetables, and pomegranate were discussed, including creating healthy eating and living habits in order to reduce stress and increase your h... »

top immune-boosting foods

Part 1: Top Immune-Boosting Foods

What are some of the top immune-boosting foods? According to several sources, including Dr. Oz, and The Truth About Your Immune System, a Special Health Report from Harvard Health Publications, some of the foods that can seriously boost your immune s... »

quinoa is better

Reasons Why Quinoa is Better for You than Wheat

What is quinoa (pronounced: KEEN-wah), and why is quinoa healthier to eat than wheat? There are a number of issues that need to be address, especially with diabetes and health issues running rampant in North America. Wheat, in particular is one of th... »

Michio Kaku

Future of Medical Technology Predicted by Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku

I was fortunate to hear theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, PhD, speak in Seattle, Washington, which is just a few hours south of Vancouver. He spoke on the future of healthcare and medical technology, among other things. Fascinating topic, since the... »

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins Explains Alternative Cancer Treatment

For decades mainstream media as well as medical science has propagated chemotherapy as the only real way to treat cancer; however, Johns Hopkins is now saying there is an alternative to this unhealthy way of treating cancer… and it starts by promotin... »

medicinal mushroom

Crimini – The Friendly Fungus that is a Medicinal Mushroom

Crimini mushrooms are a friendly fungus because they are not only common and easily found in grocery stores, but they are inexpensive, and are jam packed with a fiber called beta-glucan, which power boosts your immune system! Many people also do not ... »

cancer fighting foods

Cancer Fighting Foods that Contain Apigenin

Cancer fighting foods are found everywhere, but typically not in junk food, fried foods, highly processed, or other refined foods. In fact, these can aid the body in becoming a breeding ground for cancerous or precancerous cells and other diseases by... »


Children and Bedwetting – Cure for Nocturnal Enuresis?

Babies wet their diapers during their sleep, but as they grow in time, their brains develop and eventually tell their bodies/bladders to hold it until they wake up. But in children who wet the bed it appears there is something that is amiss. Bedwetti... »

alkaline diet

Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss

What is an alkaline diet mean? Does it mean eating foods that have an alkaline pH, or avoiding acidic pH foods? Not necessarily, because you can eat acidic foods like oranges or other citrus, red wine, and tomatoes, which ultimately raise the alkalin... »

doing the right thing

Doing the Right Thing for Your Health

Life is always full of challenges, but sometimes it just seems easier to give in and do what is easiest in times where it seems there is no way out. But we always have a choice. Doing the right thing in the face of adversity—especially when it comes ... »

folate and pregnancy

Folate in Pregnancy – Not Folic Acid Supplements

Folate and folic acid are important nutrients for anyone, but this is especially true during pregnancy; not just for the mother, but especially for the baby. Although these two terms, “folate” and “folic acid,” are often interchanged in their use by ... »

folic acid and folate

Folic Acid and Folate – Important Differences

There is an important difference between folic acid and folate, but many people do not realize what it is, or how important it can be for their health. Even health practitioners, nutritionists, and even medical professionals can sometimes interchange... »

improve brain function

This Nutrient May Improve Brain Function in Neurodegenerative Diseases

There are a number of amazing nutrients that can help neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), a specialized form of dementia. One of them is coconut oil, which is well known, but the other that I’d like to discuss today, is better k... »

enzyme therapy

Oral Enzyme Therapy for Postoperative Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer patients who have already been through surgery may be candidates for oral enzyme therapy to help with recovery times and reduce healing time. A cohort study was done to see just how well enzyme therapy would be taken by breast cancer pa... »

paleo diet

The Cons of the Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is a natural diet of raw and whole foods that mimic how people during the Paleolithic times used to eat. It requires one to eat from the outer edges of the grocery isle—whole grained natural breads (without artificial ingredients), the... »

paleo diet

The Pros of the Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo diet and is it something as natural to humans as they claim? It entails getting away from modern boxed food and eating more like humans did in the Paleolithic times… natural, raw, whole foods, like nuts, seeds, fresh veggie and frui... »

healthy weight loss

Part 2: Healthy Weight Loss – Natural and Fast

Continued from Part 1: Healthy Weight Loss – Natural and Fast, where I covered eating greens, vegetables, and proteins. I will now discuss the issues of carbohydrates and the 50% raw rule for losing weight naturally and speedily. Healthy weight loss ... »

healthy weight loss

Part 1: Healthy Weight Loss – Natural and Fast

There are different ways to lose weight; some of them are not very smart, like yo-yo dieting or taking drugs that could harm your liver or body. However, there are healthy weight loss dieting plans that can help you lose weight efficiently, fairly qu... »

cooking food

Cooking Food Made Us Human – Weight Loss Options

There is a lot of promotion of raw food consumption for health purposes today; however, is it actually healthy? Is eating raw meat, like the Paleolithic diet supports, actually an ideal? Raw food advocates might say so, especially if you are wanting ... »

frequent urination

Natural Remedies for Frequent Urination

Frequent urination issues have happened to most people somewhere during their childhood, and often into adulthood for one reason or another. Reasons can and do vary widely, such as bed wetting, kids peeing their pants, infections, or side effects fro... »

eat raw meat

Should We Eat Raw Meat?

There are some diets, like a total raw food diet, that advocate eating raw meat for the health benefits it brings, but is it healthy to eat raw meat? Fish is commonly eaten raw, especially as sashimi or in sushi, as long as it is handled properly so ... »

tongue and health

Your Tongue and Health – Signs and Symptoms

“Stick out your tongue!” That’s what a medical doctor (MD) or naturopathic doctor (ND) will probably tell you when you go see him/her at a regular check-up for a doctor’s visit. So what do your tongue and health issues have in common? Well, according... »

reduce hay fever

Reduce Hay Fever Naturally with Homeopathy?

Many people suffer from hay fever, rhinitis, and other allergies in North America, but could there be a semi-cure by treating allergies with homeopathic preparations that would help alleviate symptoms due to common allergens?  Homeopathy has an inter... »

hidden food allergies

Feel Better by Discovering Hidden Food Allergies

There are a couple of different types of allergies… those that are extremely severe like anaphylaxis reactions (like getting a bee sting that causes swelling to the point of not being able to breathe), which can cause death, to moderate or low allerg... »

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