The Pros of the Paleo Diet

paleo diet

What is the Paleo diet and is it something as natural to humans as they claim? It entails getting away from modern boxed food and eating more like humans did in the Paleolithic times… natural, raw, whole foods, like nuts, seeds, fresh veggie and fruits. There are definitely some pros and cons to the Paleo diet, and in this particular article I will cover the pros (benefits)… you may want to see the cons as well (covered in a separate article published approximately the same week as this one).

The pros of the Paleo diet

There appears to be a lot of merit in the Paleo diet, since it advocates staying away from heavy amount of cooked and canned foods that are basically dead and lifeless, nutritionally speaking, as well as avoiding bad fats, food with preservatives and chemicals, boxed and powdered foods that are manufactured, and just about every other food product that is found in the center of just about every grocery store in the country that the majority of Canadians and Vancouverites subsist on day to day.

The really obvious pros to the Paleo diet though are the health benefits. People naturally lose weight on the Paleo diet—seemingly without effort—and their cholesterol levels reduce automatically, pre-diabetes goes away, diabetics can subsist on this diet very well also since it mimics the way people who are prone to diabetes—like Native American Indians/First Nations people—would have eaten prior to modern grocery store food choices.

Cardiovascular health is also a serious plus—lowering the risk of heart disease is a boon in our society today. Risks of all kinds of cancers go down as well.

The food eaten in the Paleo diet is rich in living enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Immunity is enhanced, and people get sick less often. The Paleo diet is rich in nutrients and power-packed snacks are easy to haul around and munch on without cooking—great for bachelors or others who don’t like to cook!

Men or women alike can generally do really well on the Paleo diet because of its natural inclination towards foods that were meant for human consumption, rather than junk food and fried foods found at convenient stores and fast food restaurants.

All in all, the Paleo diet is suited and geared toward promoting health at many levels. Please check with your physician before altering your diet or starting a new one, including the Paleo diet.

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