Part 3: Unhealthy Foods That You May Think are Good for You

unhealthy foods

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List of unhealthy foods

TEA – Brew it yourself as the ones in jars usually are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients, plus sugar and flavorings.

RICE CAKES – Few calories, but no flavor unless filled with sugar or artificial flavorings, salt, and very little nutrition.

FROZEN YOGURT – Even though better than full-fat ice cream, be careful since it is still high in sugar and calories can add up if you eat more than ½ cup! This is actually one of the unhealthy foods people mistake for ‘healthy.’

GRANOLA BARS – High in sugar almost always. Try raw almonds and an apple instead.

ORGANIC – Even ‘organic’ foods can be unhealthy foods. Junk food is still just that!

DRIED VEGETABLES – Salad toppings and dried veggies tend to be high in calories and salts. Consider unsalted sunflower seeds instead for crunch and vitamin E, thiamine, and magnesium.

NUTS – Roasted means cooked, and cooked means the once-healthy oils have been altered and are not longer necessarily good for you, making this one of the unhealthy foods. Often they also have flavorings, sugar, and high doses of salt added. Try raw or sprouted raw nuts instead for a burst of protein and nutrients with healthy fats!

SALADS – Check the calories, nutrition labels, and avoid toppers like nuts, salad dressings, and croutons to avoid these calorie-ridden unhealthy foods.

PROTEIN SHAKES – Tend to be high in sugar, processed ingredients, and you may be missing out on actual filling food by trying to drink your meals.

CROUTONS – Almost no nutritional value whatsoever, whether baked or fried. Try walnuts or green pepper strips instead for a crunch.

SUSHI – May have weird ingredients rolled up such as mayo, fried unhealthy foods, or cream cheese.

VEGGIE BURGERS – Many are compressed with oils or butter, and ingredients may vary widely. Check the labels and ask at restaurants before you eat these!

VEGGIE OMELET – Unless you order it without oil/butter, only egg whites, the veggies are steamed, and without cheese, it is still one of the fastest way to eat unhealthy foods.

TURKEY BURGER – Healthier than beef? Consider the toppings, condiments you use, and if it is a white flour bun that is grilled in butter or oil. Also find out if the turkey is lean (white breast meat only) or full of fillers or fats.

MUSHROOM BURGERS – Mushrooms absorb flavor they are cooked with, but also absorb salt and oils galore! Skip the cheese and buns.

FRUIT SNACKS – Gummy fruit snacks? Fruit roll-up? Try eating real fruit instead of these little calorie-ridden sugar-wonders.

MULTI-GRAIN POTATO CHIPS – Watch out that you don’t eat more of them simply because you think they are one of the less unhealthy foods! Better to get your whole grains from wild rice, brown rice, beans, or  nutritious quinoa.

MARGARINE – First it was hydrogenated (many brands still are, and filled with trans fats), but they are half water, and the oil in them is not always necessarily healthy. Consider extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil instead. Healthier oils are a better choice since butter is still dairy, high in fat, and margarine is one of the unhealthy foods.

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