Part 2: Unhealthy Foods That You May Think are Good for You

unhealthy foods

Continued from Part 1 of this article (list of unhealthy foods)

List of unhealthy foods that at first glance seem healthy

TURKEY SANDWICH – Deli meats are highly processed, have nitrates and sodium (hard on the heart), have mayonnaise, and often white bread, and few veggies.

PARFAIT – Yogurt is filled with sugar, granola is filled with sugar, and fresh fruit may be too. Fats may even be high. Make your own with plain, fat-free yogurt.

BLUE CORN CHIPS – They simply are not any healthier than regular white or yellow corn chips. Many corn products are also GMO, not to mention the high fat and calories associated with chips in the first place. Blue is not better!

FISH – Skip the fish sandwich that may have white bread, fattening mayo or tartar sauce, or is breaded and fried. Try baking or grilling your own with some veggies instead.

TORTILLAS – Even the green and red and yellow ones called “wraps” are simply colored tortillas made with white flour, which turns to sugar in your system, and are high-calorie.

MUFFINS – May be low-fat, but to make up for the lack of taste may be high in sugar, and less filling than regular muffins.

GLUTEN-FREE – Some are healthy, many or even most, are simply other versions of yet more unhealthy foods. Gluten or no gluten, the rest of the ingredients don’t always make up for it. Unless you have celiac disease, it may be a waste to eat gluten-free.

FROZEN MEALS – Calorie-controlled, but nutritionally devoid of enough nutrients to overcome the high sodium and preservatives, and God-knows-what-else.

CANNED SOUP – Low-fat and reduced-sodium? Reduced is still 400mg or more per serving, with two servings per can, and the veggies are overcooked. This is one of the seriously unhealthy foods.

VEGGIE PIZZA – Fattening cheese, not enough veggies, lots of carbs in the white flour pizza dough… ‘nuf said! Make your own at home!

SPINACH PASTA – It’s still white flour and is processed, high in carbs, and one of the unhealthy foods on this list. Consider whole-grain brown rice pasta with some real spinach on the side.

WHEAT BREAD – Unless it says “100-percent whole wheat,” then it is likely mostly white bread with a touch of wheat flour mixed in. It should have at least 2 grams of fiber in each serving to be healthy.

DIET – Diet foods are among the most popular of the unhealthy foods. Diet soda, for instance, made with artificial ingredients and flavorings.

PEANUT BUTTER – Although they have healthy monounsaturated fats, watch out for the reduced-fat versions as they may have sugar added to make up for the lack of flavor. Get the natural kind you stir yourself.

FRUIT COCKTAIL – It’s canned, so it’s cooked to dead, starchy lumps of unhealthy foods. They also add sugar to make the “syrup” in it. Try fresh fruit that has natural enzymes!

100% JUICE – High calories. No real fiber. A quick way to gain weight. Try eating fruit instead for your daily dose of vitamins, or squeeze or juice your own!

BAKED BEANS – Baked beans have sugar, sodium, additives, and flavorings.

PRETZELS – White wheat, converts to sugar in your system, making you crave more of them. Avoid these.

PASTA PRIMAVERA – Lots of fresh spring veggies? Also lots of fattening cheese and oil!

VEGGIE CHIPS – Not many veggies here, are processed, and the nutrients almost nil after baked/fried.

PROTEIN BARS – Turn it over and read the ingredients and be prepared to be shocked! Try organic ones as most are highly processed, and many have artificial ingredients and fillers, plus sugar galore! These things are more like candy bars with protein added.

SPORTS DRINKS – These are basically flavored water mixed with sugar and electrolytes. Try water, coconut water, or watermelon juice!

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