Part 2: Healthy Weight Loss – Natural and Fast

healthy weight loss

Continued from Part 1: Healthy Weight Loss – Natural and Fast, where I covered eating greens, vegetables, and proteins. I will now discuss the issues of carbohydrates and the 50% raw rule for losing weight naturally and speedily.

Healthy weight loss – carbohydrates

Watch out for carbohydrates… too much fruit juice (or even whole fruits) can make you gain weight due to the sugar content. You’ll want to stay away from granulated sugar altogether… try honey, stevia, molasses, or agave nectar instead. Healthy weight loss should not have too many sweets since sugar causes your body to crave more of it.

Grains and natural breads are carbohydrates too, so if eaten they should be limited to 3-5 times per week, and should always be whole grain (no white flour or corn syrup!). Substitute all white-flour pasta with brown rice pasta so you are eating complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbohydrates. Try sweet potatoes instead of russets, white, yellow, or red potatoes. Avoid ‘white foods’ like sugar, white flour, white rice, and white potatoes.

Healthy weight loss – the 50% raw rule

For healthy weight loss, at least 50% or more of your diet should probably be vegetables and fruit. This provides plenty of vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes (especially if eaten raw), and plenty of fiber for colon health.

Additionally, at least 50% of the vegetables/fruit should be eaten fresh or raw for optimum health benefits and for obtaining important enzymes that aid digestion. Cooked vegetables or canned veggies lose much of their nutritional value due to heating and killing off important enzymes; vitamin loss occurs from cooking too.

Stewed fruits are okay, but fresh is always best. Frozen would be second choice to fresh when it comes to fruits or vegetables. Buy organic as much as possible.

The exception to the 50% RAW rule would be mushrooms or other vegetables that must or should be cooked. Raw mushrooms have a slight amount of the toxin agaratine, which is carcinogenic. Once cooked, or dried, the agaratine is killed off and the wonderful immune-boosting power of the mushrooms burst forth.

In fact, cooked/dried mushrooms have amazing health properties such as being anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-tumor, antibacterial, antifungal, antviral, and so on. This would include white button mushrooms/crimini/Portobello, as well as medicinal mushrooms like reishi, maitake, enoki, or oyster mushrooms.

Healthy weight loss – exercise and self-care

Healthy weight loss should obviously be accompanied by some sort of exercise plan. Walking is super healthy and helps align and strengthen the back and legs, but perhaps joining an exercise club might be right for you for some cardio.

Yoga, whether it is gentle yoga or hot yoga, etc., is also an excellent choice for many people regardless of exercise limitations (like injury) because you can do as much or little as you can, at your own pace, and can choose the style you want to do, including a home DVD.

Remember also to take self-care and do things that make you feel good about yourself – perhaps a manicure, pedicure, a full body massage, a make-over or haircut, acupuncture, or even physical therapy for some part of you that is not up to snuff.

If you are planning to lose more than 5-10 pounds you should probably talk with your doctor before doing anything drastic in your diet, even if it is only for healthy weight loss.

Be healthy and remember that weight loss done with common sense will reveal the body you want!


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