Part 2: The Best Ways for How to Quit Smoking

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In Part 1: The Best Ways for How to Quit Smoking, we covered the quitting smoking cold turkey, as well as the Taper Down method, and covered why you need a personal reason to help you quit smoking.

Next we will cover supplements or aids, specifically the vaporizers that have hit the market and grown by leaps and bounds in popularity…

Take a “Quit Smoking” supplement or aid

Years ago people would use chew or snuff, and then came “the patch” as well as Nicorette gum, and oral aids (pharmaceutical or over the counter, herbal supplements, and so on) each with its benefits and limitations. Most smokers are familiar with these so I will not go into them in detail.

For those who want to smoke but are concerned with the damage that carcinogens in smoke cause there is a medicinal mushroom supplement called Phellinus linteus (Meshima/Mesima) extract. It grows on mulberry trees and is a bitter tasting mushroom, but is known for its ability to treat ailments such as diarrhea, gastroenteric dysfunction, hemorrhage and lung cancer.

Phellinus linteus was studied by researchers at the University of Yamanashi in Japan and was shown to block cigarette smoke from damaging the lungs. Still, many smokers who want to quit smoking are wondering why anyone would want to treat a symptom when they can cure the cause by simply not smoking to being with, rather than trying to delay the inevitable.

There is another option, which is catching on like wildfire the past several years… the vaporizer!

Quit smoking using an alternative smoking device – the vaporizer

It started out as a fad, but is quickly taking over the tobacco industry due to its phenomenal growth… that being the vaporizer. Just down the street from where I live we have a “Vape” type smoke shop, which does not sell cigarettes as much as it does vaporizers. A lot of people are jumping on the vaping vs. smoking bandwagon, and for good reason!

This little device you carry in your pocket or purse, or on a lanyard around your neck, uses a liquid that has nicotine in it to satisfy the cravings, yet is puffed as nothing more than water vapor. It looks like smoke, but quickly dissipates like steam. Yet it not lit up by fire, and no smoke ever enters or exits your lungs.

Some of the benefits include that it comes in a huge variety of flavors! Also, these devices can be used inside restaurants, airports, or other non-smoking areas. It is a huge boon to non-smokers because there is no secondhand smoke, and no health concerns associated with cigarettes.

Beware of the small stick-cigarette style vaporizers—they tend to lose efficiency quickly and their batteries die rather fast. They also do not tend to give good hits, according to smokers I asked. For a few extra dollars you can by a $50-100 (less if caught on sale) vaporizer that has the clear attachment at the top so you can see how much liquid you have left. These last longer, and “smoke” cleaner than other types of vaporizers.

The money savings of vaporizers over cigarettes is phenomenal, often cutting costs by up to 50-90%, depending on use.

The great thing is that you can get the liquid in different strengths of nicotine: 24, 18, 12, 6, 3, or even 0. Why zero nicotine? What’s the point of smoking? Some people just like the flavor, or feel it keeps them from overeating. Others like to wean themselves slowly to a lower strength, and then mix level 3 with level 0 to make 1-1/2 so they can eventually go to zero with that easier extra step (similar to the Taper Down method mentioned in Part 1 of this article).

It is up to you if you want to quit smoking, but between all of the choices available today, it is likely that you can quit smoking if you really want to. Just choose the way that fits your life and style, and go for it!

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