Part 1: The Best Ways for How to Quit Smoking

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Smoking cigarettes or cigars or any other nicotine product can be a very addictive habit—just ask those who smoke! Yet there are ways to stop smoking that are easier than others, but it all depends on the individual as to which one is best.

In cigarettes there are addictive substances that range from chemicals in the paper and tobacco leaves. These can be artificial, or natural, including pesticides, herbicides, additives, or even the nicotine itself, which cause cigarettes to be habit-forming. The idea for people who want to quit smoking, but can’t seem to do so, can choose some new ideas.

Find YOUR reason to quit smoking

The people who are most successful at quitting smoking have a reason to do so, but it needs to be personalized. Make the reason to quit smoking yours… not just something someone else did for their own reason(s).

Whether it is due to helping a loved one, based on making a bet, is part of a personal goal or desire, to regain one’s health, live longer, or to avoid cancer or lung diseases like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and so on, are all excellent reasons. What is yours?

With goals there are usually rewards… choose one, and reward yourself when you have quit smoking!

Quit Smoking Fast or Slow?

Cold turkey – let’s face it, it absolutely works for some people, but not for others. Try it. You’ll know within three to seven days if it is going to be the way to help you quit smoking or not. The key is to not pick up another cigarette once you have stopped.

Tapering down your cigarette usage is another option and a lot easier than quitting all at once.

Here’s the Taper Down method:

1)      Figure out how many cigarettes you smoke each day. Let’s say you smoke 20/day (a pack). Count them out in the morning, and smoke all of them that day—no more, no less. Do this same amount each 24-hour day for a week.

2)       The next week, smoke one less per day (19/day). No more, no less.

3)      Each week subtract one for each day’s allotment (18 per day all the next week, 17 per day the week after that, etc.)

4)      When you get down to one cigarette per day you can choose to go to a half-cigarette per day after that, and then perhaps a half every other day, or whatever you choose.

5)      At some point you will know when you are ready to just chuck the last few bits of cigarette you are/were smoking. Congratulations – you quit smoking!

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