Oral Enzyme Therapy for Postoperative Breast Cancer Patients

enzyme therapy

Breast cancer patients who have already been through surgery may be candidates for oral enzyme therapy to help with recovery times and reduce healing time. A cohort study was done to see just how well enzyme therapy would be taken by breast cancer patients, with interesting results.

Study on oral enzyme therapy speeds recovery time

According to a study by J Beuth, B Ost, et al., from the Institute for Scientific Evaluation of Naturopathy, at the University of Cologne, in Köln, Germany, the impact of postoperative treatment to breast cancer patients was given an oral enzyme preparation as an adjunct therapy to antineoplastic therapy.

The study was a cohort analysis using parallel groups under current standards for controlled clinical trials. The study included 2,339 patients with breast cancer who were undergoing surgery as well as either chemo-, radio-, or hormonal therapy in 216 centers. Of the 649 patients, 239 (37%) were treated with enzyme therapy, and 410 (63%) without enzyme therapy. The therapy group was tested for 485 days, and 213 days for the control group.

The primary goal was to find out if oral enzyme therapy treatment could reduce signs and symptoms caused by the disease or therapy itself. These symptoms would include things like mental symptoms, tumor pain, gastrointestinal, headache, cachexia, skin disorders, infections, or side effects due to antineoplatic therapy in the breast cancer patients.

Results of enzyme therapy

The adjusted mean improvement in scores regarding the symptoms was not as large in the control group as it was the test group, and the latter was statistically significant for all symptoms (except infections and tumor pain).

The research showed the analysis of “survival, recurrence, and metastasis demonstrated a reduced number of events in the test group [and that the rate of enzyme therapy-associated] adverse reactions was 3.2%” (mild to moderate gastrointestinal symptoms).

The conclusion was that breast cancer patients receiving complementary enzyme therapy treatment improves quality of life, reduces signs and symptoms, as well as side effects due to antineoplastic therapy. It was suggested that patients might also benefit from a prolonged time-to-event for recurrence of cancer, metastasis, as well as survival.


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