Naturopathic Doctor Treatment for Kidney Disease

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One of the reasons to see a naturopathic doctor in Vancouver is for a non-invasive solution to treat kidney problems, such as urinary tract infections. After a thorough consultation to address the patient’s individual needs, a naturopathic doctor, such as Dr. Carol Lin, may recommend the use of herbal medicine as treatment.

Two organs located just below the rib cage, the kidneys are crucial to filtering out waste products from blood. They then produce urine in the bladder from this waste. A person is at greater risk for kidney and renal disease if they have diabetes, high blood pressure or if someone else in the family also suffers from kidney disease.

Evidence supporting herbal medicine as treatment for kidney problems according to naturopathic doctor

According to naturopathic doctor, Lin, a study of herbal medicine used in Europe for kidney diseases was conducted by researcher André-Michael Beer, MD. He concluded after an overview of cases that there are a variety of herbal medicine (also known as phytopharmaceuticals or phytomedicine) that can be used effectively for the treatment of urinary tract diseases.

Dr. Beer reports that under German drug laws, phytopharmaceuticals are tested like synthetic drugs — for their side effects, quality and effectiveness. According to Beer, herbal medicine (which falls under naturopathic doctor medicine), which is made from plant extracts, has markedly fewer side effects and is the preferred choice for 80 per cent of the population over drugs with synthetic chemicals. It’s also a good alternative for chronically ill patients since phytopharmaceuticals can be bought without a prescription.

Beer notes that not all types of extracts are equal, so consult one of downtown Vancouver’s naturopathic doctors for more information on herbal medicine. He reported there are two types of herbal medicine that help with kidney diseases. Aquaretics, such as juniper berries, increases renal blood flow, glomerular filtration rate and water diuresis. Herbal disinfectants, such as horseradish, have antibacterial properties, increases renal blood flow and has antispasmodic effects. These two types of herbal medicine were found to help with kidney problems such as cystitis, urolithiasis, irritable bladder and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

For more information on herbal remedies or treatments for kidney diseases, make an appointment with downtown Vancouver’s naturopathic doctor. They will take your lifestyle, diet and any current medication into consideration when recommending a course of treatment that will work toward your kidney problem.

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