Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Celery?

lower blood pressure naturally

There are a good many ways to lower blood pressure naturally, and one of them is with celery. Almost everyone knows that one of the greatest risks for high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems is diet. Chances are, if you are suffering from high blood pressure that is not diagnosed otherwise, it could be due to dietary habits. Eating healthy is a great way to reduce blood pressure naturally, and celery has a number of awesome constituents that may help.

Eating more raw foods, especially 50% or better raw foods, not only reduces the amounts of unhealthy fats (especially bad cholesterol and triglycerides that can skyrocket your blood pressure and cause heart attacks, but it also helps you to lower blood pressure naturally, lose weight, and fight cancer. High blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, and stress on the arteries and heart (cardiovascular) are all associated with poor diet.

Health benefits of celery – lower blood pressure naturally

Celery, eaten raw, plain, with peanut butter or almond butter, dipped in hummus, chopped in salads, mixed with walnuts and dried cranberries, in soups or stews, Chinese dishes, or a host of other ways you can serve it, gives you greater control to help lower blood pressure naturally.

A stalk of celery equals about 65 grams of food; however, it contains only 10 calories, which means you can eat a whole lot of celery and still lose weight. Not only that, but chewing and eating the celery produces energy in your body, adds water (great snack if you are walking/biking), and is a form of negative calories, which means it takes more energy to eat it than it provides, all while making you feel full. Celery is also fat and cholesterol-free and contains almost no sugar.

Aside from being able to help you lose weight, or lower blood pressure naturally, there is a flavonoid in celery called apigenin that was studied by the University of Missouri (rats) that showed it can slow or even stop cancerous tumor growths in the body. Apigenin in celery also helps stop tumors from forming. Other raw foods like apples and nuts also contain apigenin, but aside from parsley, celery is one of the most abundant sources of apigenin in the grocery store.

Sodium in celery a problem to lower blood pressure naturally?

Many health experts warn patients that too high of a sodium intake can raise blood pressure. A stalk of celery does indeed contain quite a bit of sodium—about 50 mg per stalk, which can seem like a lot when dealing with hypertension. However, celery also has a compound called 3-n-buty phthalide, which counteracts the sodium dose.

How this works is that the compound phthalide relaxes the muscles inside the walls of the blood vessels themselves, inducing dilation, which helps increase the flow of blood rather than reduce it. So despite high sodium in celery, it has this amazing anti-high-blood-pressure constituent built in!

Additionally, another advantage of apigenin is that it parallels the phthalide to expand the blood vessels so that the heart does not have to pump as hard. This is nature at its best, with celery taking the lead in being able to lower blood pressure naturally.


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