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cut down on food

Many years ago I heard a friend say something that has stuck in my soul ever since. It was his habit of saying “Just one” to things that were offered to him, food in particular. We were at a meeting with a group of people and Scott was offered a potato chip of a new variety, and so to be kind, as well as to taste it, yet not go overboard, he said he would have, “Just one.” At the time it seemed trivial, but today I have realized the incredible power in this simple term and concept on ways to cut down on food intake: JUST ONE.

You have probably done it… been at a public function and been offered something. What do you do? The dilemma comes in when you want to be agreeable, or nice, or not appear ungrateful, and you wind up eating something you later regret… either for the negative effects on your health, the calories, high fat grams, sugar, sodium, carbs, or simply because you overate.

Later, you hold your stomach, moaning and wishing inside that you had not eaten it, curiously considering bulimia for just a little while.

This simply does not happen with the JUST ONE method…

The JUST ONE method helps you cut down on food

Someone once told me, “If you take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves.” Likewise, you may have heard the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff… and it’s all small stuff.” The JUST ONE method in life, which could range from finances to travel, purchases, or just about anything, is probably best exemplified by the options through diet. JUST ONE snack cracker allows you a slight indulgence without overdoing it. If popcorn, then JUST ONE small handful is enough. My goal when I want to cut down on food is usually accept something about the size of a boiled egg, although it can vary, depending on what it is.

Cut down on food in restaurants
When going out to dinner with a friend, buy JUST ONE big plate of food and split it between you! Or try ordering, for breakfast, just one egg instead of two with that Value Slam from Denny’s, or eat just one slice of whole wheat toast instead of both slices.

Cut down on food when offered dessert
The Just One method works anywhere. If the ONE thing is too large, such as an entire monstrous slice of triple-chocolate cake at a fancy restaurant, then share it with someone else and take JUST ONE bite! Make it a good one… a big juicy bite, but JUST ONE. Don’t feel guilty either, for after all, it is just one bite, not the entire thing. Enjoy it!

Cut down on food at parties
Can’t decide which type of chips and dip to eat, or which dessert? Try JUST ONE potato chip, and choose fruit or veggies, or a healthier choice for the bulk of your snacking. I seriously doubt one chip or one cookie is going to do as much damage as sitting there pigging out on a plate full of them. When faced with whether to try JUST ONE of everything (be careful here!) then lean on the rule of no more than 5-10% of what you eat being unhealthy for your body. Focus on health first, and JUST ONE of anything else.

Cut down on food at the grocery store
When shopping for groceries and see things you want but don’t need, pick JUST ONE of something instead of several, especially if you know it is not healthy for you. If you have ice cream, eat JUST ONE serving, not a heaping bowl, and do it JUST ONE time per week, instead of every day. In fact, go the extra mile and buy the healthier version rather than the cheapest or sweetest. If you’re not sure if you will like something new, then try it JUST ONE time… you never know!

If you want to eat vegetables, try getting just one bunch or type, and mix and match many varieties. Having a colorful plate of food is often more healthy (especially regarding vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and enzymes) than larger portions of only a few items.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to institute or practice the JUST ONE method for cutting down on food, losing weight, and still maintain health along the way.


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