L-lysine Lacking in Health of Vegetarian East Indian Immigrants, Say Vancouver Naturopaths

Vancouver naturopaths

Protein in cereal foods lacking L-lysine amino acid; the health benefits of supplementation may help. Immigrants in Vancouver BC Canada include a significant portion of vegetarian East Indians who have immigrated to North America, according to Vancouver naturopaths.

Due to their diets, which tend to be higher in cereal foods, they may be lacking in the digestible amino acid L-lysine according to some sources, which may be affecting their overall health and could cause unnecessary weight loss. Benefits of supplementing their diet may be crucial, say some Vancouver naturopaths

Vancouver naturopaths insist that low levels of the amino acid L-lysine are actually fairly common among vegetarians in areas like downtown Vancouver, as well as other cities in North America. This would include immigrants from East Indian populations.

The problem stems from their source diet, which they do not necessarily leave behind once they move from India to places like Vancouver. Sometimes it is beneficial to find a mentor or life coach in a new city to help learn about local foods and new habits that incorporate that of the culture they have moved into.

Vancouver naturopaths: Health of East Indians in Vancouver should include protein-rich high L-lysine foods

According to Vancouver naturopaths, like Dr. Carol Lin, a study on L-lysine in rats was done on the digestible amino acid content of proteinaceous foods in India, especially as it relates to the health benefits of specific cereal foods and legumes that are commonly eaten in East Indian city centers and rural populations.

The study, conducted by Rutherfurd, K Bains, and PJ Moughan of the Riddet Insititute at Massey University in New Zealand, “Cereals and legumes are staple foods in India and are limiting in lysine and sulphur amino acids, respectively. Available L-lysine loss, due to Maillard-type reactions that may occur during food preparation, exacerbates the problem of lysine deficiency particularly in cereals.”

The study, says Lin (one of many Vancouver naturopaths) was on total and reactive L-lysine for ten food ingredients and eleven different foods that were regularly consumed in India. Cereals and legumes were not only found to be lacking in the amino acid L-lysine, but this trend of is likely to continue when East Indian immigrant populations move, and take their eating habits with them to new locations, regardless of where those localities wind up being.

Health benefits to adding lysine to the diet–according to local Vancouver naturopaths–of this population segment of Vancouver could be augmented by making new friends that are local, or else finding a mentor or someone that can give them professional advice on how to eat that will add higher protein foods to their diet, especially if they may be lacking in L-lysine.

Supplementing the diet with L-lysine or other amino acids, certain vitamins and minerals, or even other nutrients, could help East Indians who are unfamiliar with local cuisine but would like to add to their health knowledge and experience and expand their palate, suggests Vancouver naturopaths.

Weight loss or even weight gain can be added to the list of health benefits that some immigrants desire after moving to a new country, especially if they have trouble finding their dietary comfort zone, even in places like immigrant-rich areas like Vancouver BC.

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