Kelp for Weight Loss, Especially if You Have a Sluggish Thyroid

kelp for weight loss

Taking sea kelp for weight loss might be a good idea for people with a sluggish thyroid. The thyroid gland is connected to maintaining metabolism and preventing body fat from accumulating. If your thyroid is underactive (i.e., sluggish) or you have all-out hypothyroidism, then a discussion with your naturopath or MD about using kelp for weight loss might be in order.

According to Dr. Oz the sea kelp for weight loss is due to the iodine and a xanthophylls compound called fucoxanthin, which is found in green plants that contain chlorophyll, which aids the body in burning fat. This can help reduce cellulite as well as a 5-10% loss in body weight.

Thyroid function – iodine in kelp for weight loss

A friend of mine actually just spoke to me yesterday on this very topic of sea kelp for weight loss. Her own struggles with a sluggish thyroid, and feeling constant hunger pangs, kept her from losing weight. She said she started taking kelp for weight loss a while back to help her thyroid function better, but one of the side effects was that her constant hunger went away as well. She also lost about 20 pounds without even trying.

According to Natural News, a healthy body weight may be hard to maintain if you have hypothyroidism, which is an extremely underactive thyroid gland. Besides weight gain, other symptoms include “a bad complexion, fatigue, forgetfulness, loss of sex drive, impotence, irritability and unhealthy hair, nails and teeth.” It is fortunate that the mineral iodine (also found in iodized salt, which is a less healthy form of taking in iodine) is naturally occurring in kelp.

Thyroid tests may be positive or negative but not show a “sluggish” thyroid problem

The tests for checking your thyroid are typically a pass-fail or ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ result, but they don’t typically show when a thyroid is sluggish. Therefore, people with slower moving thyroids, but that do not have hypothyroidism, may still show test results that are considered “normal.” The iodine in using kelp for weight loss can help this matter considerably.

Without enough iodine in your diet gaining weight can be a problem. Donald R. Yance Jr. in Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer, wrote: “I believe that an insufficient intake of organic iodine in today’s modern diet has led to a serious and chronic form of low-grade hypothyroidism,”

Kelp, being a natural source of iodine, will allow metabolic rate and thyroid function to return to normal levels. In this manner, iodine from sea kelp for weight loss is an easy and natural solution. Be sure to discuss any changes in diet and adding kelp or kelp capsules to your diet with your physician.

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