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Johns Hopkins

For decades mainstream media as well as medical science has propagated chemotherapy as the only real way to treat cancer; however, Johns Hopkins is now saying there is an alternative to this unhealthy way of treating cancer… and it starts by promoting health!

This information, published by the Wausau News on what Johns Hopkins has said, explains it simply…

Latest cancer therapy alternative by Johns Hopkins

Scientists at Johns Hopkins may tell you that all people have cancer cells in their body and do not show up on tests until they are in the billions. Additionally, cancer cells can occur between six and ten times during a person’s lifetime.

When the immune system is strong cancer cells cannot live and are destroyed, prevented from multiplying, and do not form tumors, or can help shrink tumors.

Multiple nutritional deficiencies exist within people who have cancer, which could be due to environmental or genetic factors, or even lifestyle or food. Changing one’s diet and including certain supplements can strengthen a person’s immune system (such as taking medicinal mushroom supplements).

Johns Hopkins doctors and researchers know that chemotherapy is poisonous to the cancer, but it is also to the healthy cells in the body, which can cause damage to organs.

Radiation also kills cancer cells, but it can cause burns, damage to healthy cells, and scars to organs and tissues.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments may reduce the size of tumors, but prolonged use may not destroy tumors. Toxicity and damage from too much chemotherapy and radiation can cause complications or infections or other health problems, not to mention that the cancer cells can mutate making them resistant to treatment.

Surgery can remove cancer tumors, but cells may spread to other areas of the body.

Starving cancer cells (just like starving the body of nutrition can cause illness or death) can stop cancer from growing, or even shrink tumors or destroy them. The trick is to know what cancer feeds on.

Johns Hopkins on what feeds cancer cells

Johns Hopkins researchers now know that cancer cells feed on sugar (glucose). Cutting sugar out of the diet is crucial to stopping tumor or cancer growth.

Milk is also a known cancer-food because cancer feeds on mucus that is produced by milk products.

Acid environments also feed cancerous growths. Alkalinizing your body with non-acid forming foods is essential for creating an environment where cancer cannot form or grow. Acid-causing foods include meats, milk, coffee, walnuts, eggs, for instance.

An 80% raw or fresh vegetable and fruit diet, including whole grains, seeds, and nuts can help bring the body into an alkaline state. The other 20% can be cooked foods, including beans, a little fish, or cooked whole grains.

Enzymes come from fresh/raw fruits and vegetables, including raw vegetable juice. Once foods are cooked above 105 degrees F it destroys the healthy enzymes and becomes dead food rather than living food. Irradiated foods, canned food, smoked and cooked foods are void of enzymes.

Avoid distilled water since it is acidic, but purified water is good. Avoid black tea and coffee, but green tea is alkalinizing, as well as white tea, especially. Chamomile tea has anti-cancer constituents.

Undigested meat, or too much meat in the system requires extra enzymes, and will rot in the gut causing putrification and toxic buildup. Eating less meat allows the body’s killer cells to attack and kill the cancer cells.

Even Johns Hopkins scientists know that supplements can help build the immune system. Some of these might include IP6, Essiac, Flor-ssence, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, EFAs, medicinal mushrooms, etc.

Last of all, keeping a positive attitude and a desire to live, ridding yourself of anger and negative energies (including unforgiving attitudes, bitterness, stress) helps the body stay out of an acidic imbalance so you can stay a cancer survivor. Breathing deep, exercising every day, and oxygenating your body helps keep cancer cells from growing since they cannot live in an oxygenated environment.

It is wonderful that Johns Hopkins and their cancer research has come to many of the conclusions about fighting cancer as alternatives to chemotherapy; however, a nutritional change in diet may accompany traditional allopathic therapies. Please check with your doctor on your particular situation.


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