Dr Weil Thyroid Advice – Does Broccoli Slow Metabolism Down?

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Dr Weil thyroid information provides us with excellent advice. So how do cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower, affect the thyroid, and therefore our metabolic rate? Do eating these vegetables raw slow down metabolism and keep us from losing weight?

Some might say that eating broccoli or cauliflower raw might be bad for you, but back before canning or freezing vegetables (called “putting food by” or food preservation) existed, eating these cold-weather crops helped people stay less hungry in the lean winter months because it slowed the metabolism down, as well as hunger, so people could subsist on less, when less was available. However, in today’s modern society, we can eat cruciferous veggies without being concerned about such things.

Dr Weil thyroid Q&A – Cruciferous vegetables slow metabolism due to goitrogens

Thanks to the Dr Weil thyroid Question and Answer sessions we can realize that there’s a way around the problem of slowing metabolism due to eating raw cruciferous vegetables.

Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and kale. Other veggies that contain goitrogens include sweet potatoes, lima beans, peanuts, corn, canola oil, turnips, cassava (YUCA) and soybeans. They contain natural chemicals that are called goitrogens (that produce goiters) that can affect thyroid synthesis.

This means it can slow down thyroid production, which directly can affect metabolism. Generally speaking, the slower the metabolism rate, the easier it is to gain weight, whereas a fast metabolism can help you lose weight.

Dr Weil thyroid advice gives an “out” for eating cruciferous vegetables without thyroid synthesis problems

Don’t let eating raw cruciferous veggies stop you from consuming them, for you can still take advantage of the antioxidants and anti-cancer effects they have, according to Dr Weil thyroid information…

Simply steam them lightly before eating them, as even slight cooking inactivates the goitrogens.

Please also check with your GP/MD or naturopathic doctor if you have or think you have thyroid issues, are pregnant, take thyroid hormone replacement, are gaining or losing weight, or stop or start birth control pills, or use antacids that contain aluminum, as all of these can affect the thyroid.

Many thanks to Dr Weil thyroid advice to know we can still enjoy cruciferous vegetables without worry about our thyroid or metabolism.

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