Diabetes and Anger – Helpful Tips for the Angry Diabetic

diabetes and anger

This particular article is near and dear to me because of whom it makes me think of… my best friend’s late husband, whom died of complications associated with Type 1 diabetes. A lot of people feel anger concerning—because of or about—chronic diseases that they get (or maybe even are born with), but it does not have to be that way. Attitude can help us conquer some of our issues and live a fuller life, or it can keep us in a downward spiral of self-defeat. Diabetes and anger do not have to be synonymous.

Do you feel like a victim of diabetes AND anger? Are you an angry diabetic, or do you know someone who is?

Perhaps you feel like Wilford Brimley on the Family Guy episode where he speaks about how angry he is due to diabetes. Of course, diabetes and anger are no laughing matter, but it is a fact that people who can learn to laugh at their problems, and face them with honesty (anger is often suppressed disappointment or discouragement/sadness at themselves or others or life) tend to have fewer problems overall, or at least cope with them better.

Here are some tips for diabetes and anger associated with the disease

Recognize the symptoms of low blood sugar and deal with anger accordingly. Controlling your emotions when blood sugar is low can be especially challenging for someone with diabetes and anger issues.

Perhaps take an anger management class, and learn some stress-relieving techniques. Studies have shown that people with Type 1 diabetes tend to be angrier than people with Type 2 diabetes. Understandably so, due to the chronic nature and requirements for insulin shots. So evidently there is a connection between diabetes and anger after all.

Domestic violence/domestic abuse, even for Type 2 diabetics can sometimes become an issue due to anger that does not have a healthy outlet. Please seek counseling or guidance from your doctor(s) if this is a new or ongoing problem.

Perhaps you have dealt with circulation problems due to diabetes, or are going blind, have lost a toe, hand, or limb due to diabetic complications. Perhaps your kidneys are failing, or you are already on hemodialysis (kidney dialysis) and feel you have a lot of anger about diabetes that is relevant and justified. Make sure to discuss any issues about diabetes and anger with your doctor before it gets any worse.

Psychological help by a counselor or other mental health professional is usually only a phone call away for someone with diabetes and anger issues. Depression, denial, grief, fear, frustration, guilt, and anxiety can all be related or experienced by diabetics at one point or another, and sometimes more often than is comfortable. Be sure to seek help if you need it. Ask others you trust if they think you need it, too, because sometimes others can see what we need when we, ourselves, might be in the thick of it and cannot see it for what it is.

Be sure to eat healthy if you have diabetes, and you may want to eat hormone-free foods (there is controversy over whether hormones in beef can aggravate anger in people, for instance) as well as steroids if anger is a particular problem in your life. Hormones we eat in meats or dairy products, in particular, might be a devastating consequence to an already frustrating problem. Why take the chance on your health?

Lastly, a study by the Department of Endocrinology/Diabetes in Seattle, WA found that glycemic control was found to be poorer in people with diabetes and anger, so finding ways to manage self-care and overcome anger issues may actually help your blood sugar levels, and help you feel better more often.

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“Family Guy – Wilford Brimley on diabetes” video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMlJkHv5wzU




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