Crimini – The Friendly Fungus that is a Medicinal Mushroom

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Crimini mushrooms are a friendly fungus because they are not only common and easily found in grocery stores, but they are inexpensive, and are jam packed with a fiber called beta-glucan, which power boosts your immune system! Many people also do not realize just how friendly his fungus is, because it is also known by other names, and is known also as a medicinal mushroom.

Crimini mushrooms are a medicinal mushroom because of the immune boosting qualities they have. Beta glucan, an insoluble fiber (versus soluble fibers, like what is in oatmeal that helps lower cholesterol) does not digest well, which is great for intestinal health, but also, as it passes through your gut it highly stimulates the immune system.

When eaten regularly by people they often boast that they do not get sick anymore—common colds and flu are often a thing of the past… this is one of the biggest reasons criminis are considered a medicinal mushroom.

Medicinal mushroom crimini comes in triplicate

Many people do not realize the secret of the crimini mushroom, which is simply that it is actually just a common white mushroom, but a more aged version. The white mushrooms are the typical Agaricus bisporus mushrooms found in grocery stores most everywhere for decades, and are a popular name for this medicinal mushroom as well.

Again, another secret is that the crimini medicinal mushroom is also a younger version that goes by yet a different name—portabella. Portabella mushrooms are those huge or giant sized brown mushrooms that are often grilled and eaten in place of a hamburger or other meat on vegetarian sandwiches, or just cut up and used in a variety of dishes.

This portabella-crimini-white mushroom are all three variations of the same mushroom. And all of them have varying health benefits, but are basically the same mushroom, just picked at different stages of growth.

Enjoy your crimini mushrooms with dinner and know that it is a medicinal mushroom that you can not only get inexpensively, but eat up(!) because it helps strengthen your immunity and you can consume it as regularly as you desire!


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