Fatty Liver? Cordyceps Mushroom in Cordycepin Drug May Help

Do you eat too much fat? Drink alcohol too much? Or have a liver disease? Perhaps you’ve had food poisoning before, or were born with a deficient liver. Either way, there is a product called Cordycepin, whose name comes from the primary fungus from w... »

quit smoking

Part 2: The Best Ways for How to Quit Smoking

In Part 1: The Best Ways for How to Quit Smoking, we covered the quitting smoking cold turkey, as well as the Taper Down method, and covered why you need a personal reason to help you quit smoking. Next we will cover supplements or aids, specifically... »

quit smoking

Part 1: The Best Ways for How to Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes or cigars or any other nicotine product can be a very addictive habit—just ask those who smoke! Yet there are ways to stop smoking that are easier than others, but it all depends on the individual as to which one is best. In cigare... »

healthy snacks for Halloween

Healthy Snacks for Halloween – Weelicious Family Recipes

On occasion, especially special occasions like Halloween, I like to look up websites that I can plunder for an edible munchies list of great recipes! Holiday fun can include a host of ghouls and pumpkins that are made out of simple—and HEALTHY—ingred... »

vegetarian protein

Non-Meat Vegetarian Protein Choices That Help You Stay Healthy

Vegans and vegetarians share a common problem; aside from deficiencies in the amino acid lysine, plus iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamin B-12, one of the challenges for choosing a vegetarian lifestyle is to make sure you get enough protein in your diet... »

vegan diet

Part 2: Four Reasons Why a Vegan Diet is Deficient

In Part 1: Four Reasons Why a Vegan Diet is Deficient, I covered reasons 1 and 2 of why a vegan diet is deficient for the human organism. Here is the continued article… Reason 3 – Why a vegan diet is deficient: FEAR-BASED PROPAGANDA Many vegan diet p... »

vegan diet

Part 1: Four Reasons Why a Vegan Diet is Deficient

I personally love eating vegan because I feel better when I do. But it’s not just because it is often organic and lacks the hormones and chemicals associated with meat or dairy products, but because it digests easier, and I feel just as satisfied. I ... »

nutrition facts comparison

Nutrition Facts Comparison – Handy Tool to Compare Foods Side-by-Side

Nutrition Facts Comparison – Handy Tool to Compare Foods Side-by-Side I found this really handy tool that allows you to compare food nutrition facts side-by-side, so thought I would share it with you. So many times I have spoken with people who wante... »

unhealthy foods

Part 3: Unhealthy Foods That You May Think are Good for You

Continued from Part 2 of this article (list of unhealthy foods)… or go straight to Part 1 List of unhealthy foods TEA – Brew it yourself as the ones in jars usually are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients, plus sugar and flavorings. RICE CAK... »

unhealthy foods

Part 2: Unhealthy Foods That You May Think are Good for You

Continued from Part 1 of this article (list of unhealthy foods)… List of unhealthy foods that at first glance seem healthy TURKEY SANDWICH – Deli meats are highly processed, have nitrates and sodium (hard on the heart), have mayonnaise, and often whi... »

unhealthy foods

Part 1: Unhealthy Foods That You May Think are Good for You

The folks at Shape came up with a wonderful but lengthy flash-based article called 50 Seemingly Healthy Foods that are Bad for You: Don’t be fooled by misleading health food. I thought that the list of information was practical, and the photos nice, ... »

chronic dandruff

Your Shampoo May be Contributing to Chronic Dandruff

I have had an interesting history with chronic dandruff, and attempted dandruff control using a variety of shampoos, ever since I was a teenager. Today I am happy to say I live a shampoo-free life and my dandruff is finally gone! Why? Because shampoo... »

mineral makeup

Warning: Is Bare or Natural Mineral Makeup Actually Healthy?

Consumers are concerned with the health of their skin as they choose health products these days. Cosmetics are typically loaded with chemicals that are unnatural, manufactured (artificial), or otherwise not necessarily meant for putting on (or in, ev... »

Meridian Stress Assessment

What is a Meridian Stress Assessment? Modern Technology and Ancient Wisdom meet in Vancouver!

What if you could identify health problems and potentially even cure them simply by checking how your body conducts energy? What if you could eliminate disease simply by sending a healing energy frequency through your body? While this may sound like ... »

Relax The Back

Relax The Back – Vancouver’s Ultimate Destination for Solutions for Back Pain

If you believe you have a “bad” back, maybe you owe it to yourself to visit the place to go specifically for backs.  We met up with Ford Ramsay, owner of Relax The Back in Burnaby in the greater Vancouver, BC area, and put the products to... »

Dr Weil thyroid

Dr Weil Thyroid Advice – Does Broccoli Slow Metabolism Down?

Dr Weil thyroid information provides us with excellent advice. So how do cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower, affect the thyroid, and therefore our metabolic rate? Do eating these vegetables raw slow down metabolism and keep us from... »


Need Relief for Pain, Cramps, Tension or Arthritis? Try Moxibustion in Vancouver!

Most people have never heard about an acupuncture modality called moxibustion. Vancouver Health News paid a visit to Dr. Angela Foran, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), who practices in Vancouver, to find out what moxibustion is all about... »

How to Find a Health Practitioner that Understands the Spiritual Side of Healing – VIDEO

How to Find a Health Practitioner that Understands the Spiritual Side of Healing – VIDEO

If you were diagnosed with a disease, would you discuss the issue with your doctor and come to the conclusion that you would need to heal yourself by changing your core beliefs through the practice of meditation, stillness, or taking advantage of age... »

Vancouver Ear Acupuncture – Like Reflexology for Your Ears!

Vancouver Ear Acupuncture – Like Reflexology for Your Ears!

Most alternative health conscious Vancouverites have probably tried reflexology at least once or twice in their life, or at least know what it is all about.  Reflexology involves applying pressure, most typically to the feet with various hand techniq... »


Acupuncture’s Amazing Uses

Acupuncture has been used successfully for at least 3,000 years. Yet, in the west, it is a relatively new therapy that has won many praises from patients for pain relief. But did you know the amazing and wider range of uses of acupuncture? We sat dow... »

Vancouver Health News

Vancouver Health News Page Views Increase by 63% in a Single Month

Vancouver Health News at http://vancouverhealthnews.ca posted a record month both in terms of the number of visitors and page views.  The number of page views increased by more than 63% in just a single month, to a new record.< Vancouver Health Ne... »

vancouver naturopathy

Vancouver Naturopathy Explains the Dairy and Cancer Connection

In Vancouver naturopathy and health go hand in hand… especially as it relates to cancer and its connection to dairy products. Vancouver naturopathy is well on its way to incredible growth in the alternative health sector. With breast cancer and prost... »

Vancouver weight loss coach

The Power Of Protein Explained by Vancouver Weight Loss Coach

We all need protein—we can’t survive without it. Proteins are essential nutrients. But do we get enough in our food? Certified wellness and Vancouver weight loss coach Bettina Mackenbach, who is a non-practicing dietician based in the downtown area, ... »

Vancouver naturopath

Sugar and Spice: Sugar Addiction is Not Nice! Says Vancouver Naturopath

Most of us have a sweet tooth, as downtown Vancouver naturopath Dr. Carol Lin knows. But are you addicted? Your own Vancouver naturopath will help you detox from sugar. It’s natural to love sugar. Our first food contained sugar: lactose in mother’s m... »

Vancouver weight loss coach

Is Your Body Fat Too High?

If you have a high body fat percentage—20% or over for men, 30% for women– you are overweight, according to many health experts, and you should try to reduce your body fat. You are at risk of becoming obese, which in turn leads to a greater ris... »

Vancouver naturopath

Feel It In Your Gut: Vancouver Naturopath On Digestive Health

You are what you eat: so are you a donut? Naturopaths, like Vancouver’s Dr. Carol Lin, ND, know how important nutrition is to your overall health and wellbeing. But are you eating the right foods, asks this Vancouver naturopath? Eating the wrong food... »

Vancouver weight loss

Shrink Loose Skin with Raw Food Diet

I asked myself, “If I lose all that weight, what about the excess skin? How do I get rid of all that loose skin?” Horrified by the thought of all my stretch marks collapsing into a field of toneless crevices on my stomach that looked more like elepha... »

Vancouver naturopath

Eating For A Healthy Planet: Vancouver Naturopath On Vegetarian Diets

Downtown Vancouver naturopath physicians like Dr. Carol Lin believe health and happiness come from creating balance and wellness. Following a vegetarian diet could provide many benefits, both for our health and for our planet. As naturopathic doctors... »

Vancouver naturopath

Injection Therapy–Vancouver Naturopath Vitamin Treatment

Downtown Vancouver naturopath doctors have a substantial range of services to offer you, including a safe, speedy way of delivering vitamins. Dr. Carol Lin, ND, offers Intravenous Vitamin Injection therapy from her Vancouver practice. Intravenous Vit... »

Vancouver naturopath

Tried Immortal Mushrooms? Vancouver Naturopath Asks…

There are many wonderful foods we can eat to improve our health and wellbeing, says downtown Vancouver naturopath Dr. Carol Lin, ND. Lemons fight colds. Garlic improves circulation. And the power mushrooms Reishi and Shiitake can even extend our live... »

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