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weight loss 101

PART 2: Weight Loss 101 – Crucial Tips When Losing Weight Seems Impossible

Continued from PART 1: Weight Loss 101 – Crucial Tips When Losing Weight Seems Impossible. Weight loss tips PART 1 included: 1) Attitude check!, 2) Get a check-up, and 3) Don’t forget family. Next are tips #4 and #5 of seven… Weight Loss 101 – ... »

weight loss 101

PART 1: Weight Loss 101 – Crucial Tips When Losing Weight Seems Impossible

Do you think weight loss is too hard, or even impossible for you? Has every diet you tried, failed? Here are some ‘weight loss 101’ steps to make losing weight possible for you. Weight Loss 101 – Tip #1: Attitude check! First of all, check your attit... »

long-term weight loss

Three Necessary Elements for Long-Term Weight Loss

Long-term weight loss requires long-term vision and goals to see you through the process. What this typically means is that a bigger vision needs to be in place, like a weight goal in pounds that you want to lose, or a set weight goal amount for how ... »

when to eat

When to Eat to Lose Weight: How Time-of-Day Eating Affects Weight Loss

Most of us are familiar with the old saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” But is it true? Does when to eat, or how we eat, or what we eat affect whether we gain weight? More importantly, does it affect when we lose weight? I cou... »


Don’t Be Fooled By Fat-Free!

Fat-free does not mean calorie-free. If you’re trying to lose weight, you must count all your calories, not just the fat. Congratulations if you are obese and have made the decision to lose weight. If you weight 20 per cent or more than the maximum h... »

kelp for weight loss

Kelp for Weight Loss, Especially if You Have a Sluggish Thyroid

Taking sea kelp for weight loss might be a good idea for people with a sluggish thyroid. The thyroid gland is connected to maintaining metabolism and preventing body fat from accumulating. If your thyroid is underactive (i.e., sluggish) or you have a... »

crash diet

Considering a Crash Diet? Why They Don’t Work

With the rising obesity crisis—considered an epidemic by the World Health Organization—many Canadians are becoming concerned about their weight. But it is important not to panic. Panicking leads to crash dieting, a crash diet is not likely to work. O... »

lose weight effortlessly

Five Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Reader’s Digest recently had a great story called 50 Easy Ways to Lose Weight.  Even though losing weight is not rocket science – ultimately you just have to burn more calories than you consume – the tips the publication presented were great.  Here a... »

breaking your diet

Tips for Not Breaking Your Diet

Breaking your diet can be a tough thing for a lot of people. Sometimes it seems hard to avoid snack foods, especially when others are eating it in front of you, or you are too hungry, there are not a lot of food choices, or you are just not in the mo... »

adult obesity statistics

Weighing Adult Obesity Statistics – Where is North America Fat?

North American children are by far more obese than they were a century ago, but people are living longer, too. Part of this shift has been education, economic change, quality of life, advances in medical field and technology, as well as health practi... »

losing inches

Not Losing Pounds? Do Not Despair… You May Be Losing Inches!

Are you frustrated because you don’t seem to be losing any weight despite sticking to your diet? Well, stick to it anyway, because you might be losing inches rather than pounds during those weight-loss-lulls! Take it from me… I have lost 75 pounds, a... »


Lose Weight by Snacking on Grain Bars Before Meals

For a simple and effective weight loss strategy, you may want to try snacking on a peanut or grain bar before your next meal. Studies have shown that people who eat at least five servings of peanuts or tree nuts a week are thinner than individuals wh... »

weight gain

Can Commitment to a Diet Predict Weight Gain?

There are a number of benefits in committing to a weight loss plan. Adhering to an exercise and dietary regimen improves health, reduces risks of diabetes and heart disease, betters sleep and increases energy. Researchers at the University of Alabama... »

vancouver health news

Vancouver Health News Visitor Volumes Up 670% since February

Vancouver Health News, a service provided by Vancouver, BC-based National Nutraceuticals continues to grow rapidly.  The site’s monthly visitors increased by 15.3% in August and are up more than 670% since February, 2013.  Based on the first half of ... »

Vancouver registered dietitian

Low-Sodium Meals Realistic?

We all know that a diet of high-sodium is bad for you — it is associated with increased risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and strokes — so why are Canadians still consuming double the amount recommended by Health Canada? The health... »

Vancouver health expert

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

If you have metabolic syndrome, you could benefit from the advice of a medical expert. Having this serious condition increases your risk of developing fatal diseases. But you can take steps to improve your health. Metabolic syndrome is the name given... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Choosing A Diet With Vancouver Weight Loss Specialist

A Vancouver weight loss specialist can explain how choosing, and following, a diet can help you stick to your plan and lose weight. If you’re overweight and have decided to lose weight, congratulations! Experts like registered dietitians, Vancouver w... »

Vancouver weight loss

STOP IT! Just Say NO to Unhealthy Foods – Vancouver Weight Loss Tip

Making wise choices when we go out to eat at restaurants, or other peoples’ houses, or even when we buy groceries for eating at home, is absolutely essential for our health. In fact, take the extra step and instead of making a wiser choice for “more ... »

Vancouver weight loss

Practice Making Better Food Choices – Vancouver Weight Loss Tips

Practicing a new habit can seem daunting, especially when it comes to food. It seems like it is that one evening each week where the friends say, “Come on over for beer and pizza,” where things go haywire in your diet. All the fat in the cheese and m... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Calorie Trackers for Weight Loss

Old fashioned calorie-counting has gone out of dieting fashion in recent years. There are hundreds of diets out there, from the Atkins to the Zone, and most seem to have celebrity spokespeople promoting them. But the most important first step in any ... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Whey Protein in Weight Loss for the Elderly

Weight loss in our teens and adulthood may be relatively straightforward, but when it comes to Vancouver’s elderly population the process for losing weight becomes increasingly more complicated.  With advancing age, the elderly are more prone to loss... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

What To Eat If You Have Hypertension

Do you have high blood pressure, or hypertension? If so, you must ensure that you have a healthy diet. A weight loss and wellness coach or physician may recommend the DASH diet for lowering blood pressure because of its great success and popularity. ... »

Vancouver weight loss

Should We Snack?

When you eat is almost as important as what you eat, Ask a registered dietitian and they may tell you that this is particularly important if you are trying to lose weight. You probably know that you should eat a balanced diet, high in fruits and vegg... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Sleep Deprivation Increases Hunger, Shows a Study

If you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds, consider whether your sleeping habits may be hindering the weight loss process. Sleep helps regulate energy balance and metabolic functioning. Those who are sleep deprived may be more likely to increase t... »

Vancouver weight loss coach

Eat Chili Peppers to Lose Weight

Add some spice to your weight loss diet with hot red peppers. It is believed that capsaicin in chili peppers reduces hunger, which would help consumers of the pepper to lose weight. Previous studies on the effect of hot red pepper on appetite have us... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Lean Muscle Via Protein and Dairy Intake

We all know that the key to losing weight is a balanced program of diet and exercise. But how can we change the composition of weight loss by varying a diet’s protein and calcium content? It may be more efficient to stick to a diet that will help kee... »

Vancouver registered dietitian

Lose Weight Faster with Grapefruit?

The next time you crave a healthy snack, reach for a grapefruit. Grapefruits are low in calories and high in the fibre pectin, vitamin C and phytochemicals, making it a nutritious choice in helping reduce cholesterol and adding antioxidants to your s... »

Vancouver weight loss coach

Is Your Body Fat Too High?

If you have a high body fat percentage—20% or over for men, 30% for women– you are overweight, according to many health experts, and you should try to reduce your body fat. You are at risk of becoming obese, which in turn leads to a greater ris... »

Vancouver registered dietitian

Increase Satiety–Feeling of Fullness–with Beans

Want to keep the hunger pangs at bay? Try increasing your natural appetite suppressant cholecystokinin (CCK) through consumption of beans.  A hormone found in the gastrointestinal system, CCK helps us digest fat and protein. The digestive hormone can... »

Vancouver wellness coach

Can Wheatgrass Help Weight Loss? We Ask A Vancouver Wellness Coach

You’re much more likely to stick to a diet if you’re interested in what you’re eating. And choosing foods—and drinks—which have health benefits will give your diet and exercise plan a boost. There are numerous benefits of wheatgrass. Wheatgrass has b... »

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