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Liver Cancer Mushroom Supplement – Phellinus Linteus

The most common type of liver cancer is hepatoma, but a mushroom supplement using the medicinal mushroom Phellinus linteus may be coming to the rescue.  The study of mushrooms is called mycology. Mycological experts, like Paul Stamets, know about the... »

best enzymes for digestion

10 Best Enzymes for Digestion, GERD, or Stomach Acid

For years I suffered with GERD and chronic heartburn, as well as random stomach attacks called esophagitis, which was like a band or belt being cinched around my chest cavity as a spasm. Later I was diagnosed with GERD and put on a stomach medicine (... »

mushroom complex

Veterinarians Prescribe Anti-Cancer Mushroom Complex for Dogs-Cats-Horses

In the Vancouver, BC area there are some veterinarians who are able to prescribe an important medicinal mushroom complex to their patients, the dogs and cats that enter their doors for cancer therapy. In some cases, horses are also able to use the mu... »

zinc in oysters

Zinc in Oysters Vs. Cold Lozenges or Cold Remedies

Oysters are known to be an aphrodisiac, eaten for health, but are also known in modern times to boost the immune system due to the amount of zinc in them. Zinc may help ward off a cold, reduce its symptoms, and shorten its duration. So does the zinc ... »

peppermint oil

Peppermint Oil: Weight Loss Via Improved Exercise Performance

What usually comes to mind when someone mentions peppermint (or peppermint oil) are toothpaste and gum. But in a recent study from the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili in Iran, the mint may also enhance exercise performance and, subsequently, benefit... »


Can Astragalus Treat Children’s Lung Disorders?

The herbal supplement astragalus has been researched with some interesting results for children with lung disorders. Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is the most common complication of premature children, usually affecting those with low birth weight... »

Vancouver naturopath

Vancouver Naturopath Explains Minerals

Are you getting enough minerals in your diet? If you have a fast-paced, hectic lifestyle you might not have time to eat a balanced diet. You may already be taking vitamin supplements, but do you take mineral supplements, too? Dr. Carol Lin, a Vancouv... »


Can Astragalus Herb Help Prevent Avian Flu?

Avian flu is a type of highly contagious influenza caused by viruses adapted to birds and sometimes results in death. It is subtype H5N1 that has wide coverage in the news because of its ability to cause illness in humans. The herb astragalus, as a s... »

Vancouver weight loss coach

The Power Of Protein Explained by Vancouver Weight Loss Coach

We all need protein—we can’t survive without it. Proteins are essential nutrients. But do we get enough in our food? Certified wellness and Vancouver weight loss coach Bettina Mackenbach, who is a non-practicing dietician based in the downtown area, ... »

Vancouver wellness coach

Can Wheatgrass Help Weight Loss? We Ask A Vancouver Wellness Coach

You’re much more likely to stick to a diet if you’re interested in what you’re eating. And choosing foods—and drinks—which have health benefits will give your diet and exercise plan a boost. There are numerous benefits of wheatgrass. Wheatgrass has b... »

Vancouver naturopath

Injection Therapy–Vancouver Naturopath Vitamin Treatment

Downtown Vancouver naturopath doctors have a substantial range of services to offer you, including a safe, speedy way of delivering vitamins. Dr. Carol Lin, ND, offers Intravenous Vitamin Injection therapy from her Vancouver practice. Intravenous Vit... »

Vancouver naturopath

Tried Immortal Mushrooms? Vancouver Naturopath Asks…

There are many wonderful foods we can eat to improve our health and wellbeing, says downtown Vancouver naturopath Dr. Carol Lin, ND. Lemons fight colds. Garlic improves circulation. And the power mushrooms Reishi and Shiitake can even extend our live... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Lose Weight with Omega-3? Maybe Not…

Much has been reported about the metabolic and cardiovascular benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Recent animal studies have also claimed that omega-3 can help with weight loss due to appetite suppression, and changes in adipose tissues and fat oxidatio... »

astragalus membranaceus

Can Astragalus Membranaceus Help Reduce Stress?

We’ve all experienced how stress can affect us — it can break our concentration, leave us frustrated and intrude on daily thoughts. Studies have shown that constant stress can even leave a long-term negative effect on the brain, influencing behaviour... »

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Spice Up your Regimen with Cinnamon

The next time you want to add a little extra flavour in your food without adding a lot of calories, use some cinnamon. It may even help you lose weight – just ask any weight loss coach! Cinnamon is for both weight loss and as an anti-inflammato... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Lose Fat by Eating Tofu

Soy, or soybeans, generally regarded as a healthy low-fat source of protein, is a staple in vegan and vegetarian diets, very often eaten in the form of tofu. Tofu is a soy bean curd found in common Chinese recipes. Commonly used as a substitution for... »

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Healthy Weight Equals Healthy Immune System

Working towards a healthy weight does more than prepare you for a bikini body. Maintaining a healthy weight also improves your immune system. Your immune system is absolutely vital for your health. The immune system is our first line of defense again... »


Lower Cholesterol with Astragalus Herb

From a health survey taken in 2011, it is estimated that 39 per cent of Canadians have unhealthy cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is crucial to the well-being of humans since it plays a vital role in cell membranes’ fluidity, permeability and structur... »

vancouver naturopath

Vancouver Naturopath Asks, Have You Tried Immortal Mushrooms?

There are many wonderful foods we can eat to improve our health and wellbeing, says downtown Vancouver naturopath Dr. Carol Lin, ND. Lemons fight colds. Garlic improves circulation. And the power mushrooms Reishi and Shiitake can even extend our live... »

Astragalus membranaceus

Can the Herb Astragalus membranaceus Help Stroke Patients?

Astragalus membranaceus, a plant found in traditional Chinese medicine, has been used in the past for diabetes and healing. It can also help increase metabolism and sweating, reduce tiredness, and regulate the lungs, adrenal glands and the gastrointe... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Lower Cholesterol with Tomatoes

Popular in salads, soups and burgers, tomatoes are also a high source for lycopene. Lycopene is traditionally used for preventing heart disease, treating infections from the human papilloma virus (HPV), asthma, cataracts, and various types of cancer.... »

Vancouver weight loss coach

Healthy Bones? Vancouver Weight Loss Coach Warns About Osteoporosis

Maintaining a healthy weight is not just about buffing that beach body, says a Vancouver weight loss coach. You’re dieting—great! Or is it? You must make sure you get enough calcium in your diet. Bettina Mackenbach, a non-practicing dietitian and a V... »

Vancouver naturopaths

L-lysine Lacking in Health of Vegetarian East Indian Immigrants, Say Vancouver Naturopaths

Protein in cereal foods lacking L-lysine amino acid; the health benefits of supplementation may help. Immigrants in Vancouver BC Canada include a significant portion of vegetarian East Indians who have immigrated to North America, according to Vancou... »

Vancouver naturopathic doctor

Vancouver Naturopathic Doctors: Ginkgo Biloba May Help Prevent Dementia?

Ginkgo biloba, a tenacious plant native to China, is widely used today in Asian cuisine and as a form of traditional medicine. Because it is a non-invasive form of treatment, a Vancouver naturopathic doctor recommends consumption of the herbal medici... »

Vancouver naturopath

Vancouver Naturopath Repeats: Reduce Risk for Alzheimer’s by 394 Percent

Downtown Vancouver naturopath, Dr. Carol Lin, understands that Alzheimer’s is a terrible state of affairs for anyone who has been through dealing with this deterioration of the brain. It affects cognition, memory, and otherwise simple abilities to fe... »

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Taking Advantage Of Healing With Medicinal Mushrooms

The chances are that you have cooked with mushrooms on many occasions and you more than likely have seen a large variety of them as you venture out into nature. However, what you might not realize is that there are a number of incredible medicinal mu... »

Vancouver Naturopath

Vancouver Naturopath Explains Homeopathic Medicine

Dr. Carol Lin, ND’s downtown Vancouver naturopath medical practice offers family health care to create balance and wellness based on the philosophy of naturopathic medicine, including homeopathic medicine. But what is homeopathy? Dr. Lin attended Bas... »

vancouver naturopathic doctor discusses ginseng

Ginseng as a Naturopathic Herbal Remedy: Vancouver Naturopath

One of the most popular herbal medicines currently available, ginseng has been used as traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, energy and immune booster. Because of its varied uses, your Vancouver nat... »

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Calorie Restriction Diet Increases Your Lifespan, Because of Amino Acids?

You may have heard about the calorie restriction diet whereby if you eat significantly fewer calories than you need, your body goes into preservation mode and you may end up living much (perhaps as much as 50%) longer than people on a regular diet.  ... »

Vancouver Naturopath Carol Lin

“Probiotics Promoted by Traditional Doctors – It’s About Time!”: Vancouver Naturopath

“It is great to see standard medical doctors getting on board regarding the benefits of probiotics,” says downtown Vancouver naturopath, Dr. Carol Lin, in British Columbia, Canada, “The benefits to the health of the human body are paramount.” Probiot... »

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