Yeast Infection

hidden food allergies

Feel Better by Discovering Hidden Food Allergies

There are a couple of different types of allergies… those that are extremely severe like anaphylaxis reactions (like getting a bee sting that causes swelling to the point of not being able to breathe), which can cause death, to moderate or low allerg... »

reduce stress

Reduce Stress Using the Web

As we go about our daily lives, it’s common to feel stressed regarding situations we are uncertain about. Stress can have an impact on our mind and our body, affecting our behaviour. There are a multitude of ways we can relieve or reduce stress: medi... »

Vancouver weight loss expert

Probiotics for Weight Loss? Gut Health and You

Probiotics, a beneficial type of microorganism, has long been included in Northern European and Japanese diets, but probiotic foods are growing in popularity here in BC. Probiotics are usually eaten as part of live cultured, fermented foods such as y... »

vancouver weight loss coach

Educating Women About “Candida Diet” for Chronic Yeast Infections

The “candida diet,” which really is about promoting health, can not only help eliminate this pesky infection for good, but it can help induce significant weight loss, therefore leading the way as a double benefit. Candida albicans is a common problem... »

vancouver naturopath

Vancouver Naturopath Says Food Allergies and Gastrointestinal Problems Are Connected

“Food allergies and gastrointestinal sensitivities can often be connected” states downtown Vancouver Naturopath Dr. Carol Lin. “Unlike anaphylactic reactions, symptoms from hidden food allergies can occur several hours, or even days after exposure, m... »