Skin Disorders

chronic dandruff

Your Shampoo May be Contributing to Chronic Dandruff

I have had an interesting history with chronic dandruff, and attempted dandruff control using a variety of shampoos, ever since I was a teenager. Today I am happy to say I live a shampoo-free life and my dandruff is finally gone! Why? Because shampoo... »

Vancouver weight loss

Shrink Loose Skin with Raw Food Diet

I asked myself, “If I lose all that weight, what about the excess skin? How do I get rid of all that loose skin?” Horrified by the thought of all my stretch marks collapsing into a field of toneless crevices on my stomach that looked more like elepha... »

vancouver naturopaths

Vancouver Naturopaths Can Help with Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are an often painful condition where the large veins in the legs become swollen. Varicose veins are also a distressing cosmetic condition, leaving many people unwilling to wear shorts or skirts. Severe varicose veins have to be treated... »

Benefits of organic foods -- decide for yourself

Benefits of Organic Food — Naturopathic Study

Some organizations are trying to discount the benefits of organic food.  But what is the truth? With our many natural food shops and local farmers markets, Vancouver loves buying organic. We all think organic versions of foods are good for us, but wh... »

vancouver naturopath

Vancouver Naturopath Says Food Allergies and Gastrointestinal Problems Are Connected

“Food allergies and gastrointestinal sensitivities can often be connected” states downtown Vancouver Naturopath Dr. Carol Lin. “Unlike anaphylactic reactions, symptoms from hidden food allergies can occur several hours, or even days after exposure, m... »