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Weighing Adult Obesity Statistics – Where is North America Fat?

North American children are by far more obese than they were a century ago, but people are living longer, too. Part of this shift has been education, economic change, quality of life, advances in medical field and technology, as well as health practi... »

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Can Commitment to a Diet Predict Weight Gain?

There are a number of benefits in committing to a weight loss plan. Adhering to an exercise and dietary regimen improves health, reduces risks of diabetes and heart disease, betters sleep and increases energy. Researchers at the University of Alabama... »

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Sugar and Spice: Sugar Addiction is Not Nice! Says Vancouver Naturopath

Most of us have a sweet tooth, as downtown Vancouver naturopath Dr. Carol Lin knows. But are you addicted? Your own Vancouver naturopath will help you detox from sugar. It’s natural to love sugar. Our first food contained sugar: lactose in mother’s m... »

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Lose Weight Faster with Grapefruit?

The next time you crave a healthy snack, reach for a grapefruit. Grapefruits are low in calories and high in the fibre pectin, vitamin C and phytochemicals, making it a nutritious choice in helping reduce cholesterol and adding antioxidants to your s... »

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Is Your Body Fat Too High?

If you have a high body fat percentage—20% or over for men, 30% for women– you are overweight, according to many health experts, and you should try to reduce your body fat. You are at risk of becoming obese, which in turn leads to a greater ris... »

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Stay Motivated by Rewarding Yourself!

It is only natural to reward ourselves after accomplishing a goal, but can the possibility of reinforcements also motivate individuals to lose weight? Well, according to a study, it can… A study conducted at the University of Connecticut School... »

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Shrink Loose Skin with Raw Food Diet

I asked myself, “If I lose all that weight, what about the excess skin? How do I get rid of all that loose skin?” Horrified by the thought of all my stretch marks collapsing into a field of toneless crevices on my stomach that looked more like elepha... »

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Eating For A Healthy Planet: Vancouver Naturopath On Vegetarian Diets

Downtown Vancouver naturopath physicians like Dr. Carol Lin believe health and happiness come from creating balance and wellness. Following a vegetarian diet could provide many benefits, both for our health and for our planet. As naturopathic doctors... »

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Lose Weight with Omega-3? Maybe Not…

Much has been reported about the metabolic and cardiovascular benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Recent animal studies have also claimed that omega-3 can help with weight loss due to appetite suppression, and changes in adipose tissues and fat oxidatio... »

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Lose Weight with Pistachios

Not only are pistachios readily available and delicious, they’re also healthy and can help reduce weight. There’s a misconception that eating fatty foods such as nuts will contribute to weight gain. But small quantities of foods high in unsaturated f... »

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Spice Up your Regimen with Cinnamon

The next time you want to add a little extra flavour in your food without adding a lot of calories, use some cinnamon. It may even help you lose weight – just ask any weight loss coach! Cinnamon is for both weight loss and as an anti-inflammato... »

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Lose Fat by Eating Tofu

Soy, or soybeans, generally regarded as a healthy low-fat source of protein, is a staple in vegan and vegetarian diets, very often eaten in the form of tofu. Tofu is a soy bean curd found in common Chinese recipes. Commonly used as a substitution for... »

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Healthy Weight Equals Healthy Immune System

Working towards a healthy weight does more than prepare you for a bikini body. Maintaining a healthy weight also improves your immune system. Your immune system is absolutely vital for your health. The immune system is our first line of defense again... »

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Vancouver Weight Loss Tip: Snack on Fruit!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but will it keep hunger away? Fruits are generally seen as a healthy source of nutrition, so it’s no surprise that the consumption of fruit decreases our feelings of hunger. But does it matter which form we consu... »

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Lose Weight with Barley

The next time grains are included in your recipe, opt for barley instead. A long established cereal grain from the grass family, barley contains eight essential amino acids and is loaded in vitamins. Barley can help lower cholesterol, regulate bowel ... »

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Lose More Weight by Reducing Sugar? Maybe not…

Nowadays it is almost impossible to avoid foods containing sucrose or high fructose corn syrup. Essentially sugar, the ingredient is prominent in most junk foods, desserts and confectionary. Consumption of sucrose, fructose and glucose can lead to im... »

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Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting

The vicious cycle of unsuccessful dieting—known as yo-yo dieting—makes you regain all the weight you just lost. Weight cycling is incredibly frustrating, but you can avoid it.  Yo-yo dieting is more frustrating than harmful. You deny yourself your fa... »

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Vancouver Naturopath Helps You Become Gluten Free

Any downtown Vancouver naturopath, like Dr. Carol Lin, ND, strives to promote balance and wellness by ensuring your entire lifestyle functions harmoniously. Naturopaths know that many of us suffer from food allergies and sensitivities. They will iden... »

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Smartphone App Helps You Lose Weight

Anywhere you go in Vancouver, chances are you’ll spot someone either exercising or using their smartphone. So it’s no wonder that technology has combined the two and created apps to help individuals lose weight by keeping track of their diet and phys... »

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High Protein Diet to Drop the Pounds

You can put more food on your plate with a high protein diet. This popular new diet could speed your metabolism and help drop the pounds. This is a diet you must follow with care. The high protein diet can be also high in saturated fat, and low in fi... »

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Are You Getting Enough Energy?

You need energy to live, and it comes from your food. But are you getting the right food and vitamins to give you enough energy for your busy day?  Do you ever feel tired, or drained? Does your exercise plan seem too hard? If so, you might not be get... »

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Lose Weight with Vinegar

Popular in salad dressings, sauces and as part of pickling processes, vinegar is a compound made up of mostly acetic acid and water. Aside from its culinary and cleaning use, vinegar has also been used throughout the years as a treatment for various ... »

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Gastric Band Surgery Explained

Want those onion rings even with gastric surgery? Having surgery for weight loss is a drastic measure, but it might be the only way morbidly obese people can reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke. But weight loss surgery is most definitely not... »

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Weight Loss Bacteria

A type of bacteria has been discovered which caused drastic weight loss in animal studies. So can we stop worrying about diet and exercise, and start ordering dessert? Not yet! Eating less and exercising more is still the answer. A fascinating story ... »

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Obesity Causes Surgery Complications

Being overweight or obese can cause more health problems than you may realize. The risk of developing potentially fatal complications following surgery increases dramatically if you are obese. The sad news about Canadian music icon Rita MacNeil, who ... »

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Green Coffee to Lose Weight

Some see black coffee as a necessary part of one’s morning routine while others view the brewed beverage as a social lubricant. Whatever the perception, coffee is a popular component of Western culture. It’s difficult to walk a few blocks in urban ci... »

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Chia Seeds Superfood?

Seeds, seeds, seeds! They’re everywhere, and packed with nutrition! Walk into any health food store and you’ll see that chia seeds are rising in popularity. Found in a range of products from drinks to organic ice cream, chia (also known as Salv... »

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Weight Loss in the Long Haul

Most people know that losing weight is only half of the battle. Your real goal should be keeping it off. Maintaining a healthy weight is the real key to a successful weight loss plan. There’s plenty of information out there about fad diets, crash die... »

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Vancouver Weight Loss Coach Explains Weight Loss And Liver Disease

Being overweight, especially if you are obese, greatly increases your risk of developing liver disease. Developing a sensible weight loss plan will help protect your liver. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease occurs when fat accumulates in the liver cel... »

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Lower Cholesterol with Tomatoes

Popular in salads, soups and burgers, tomatoes are also a high source for lycopene. Lycopene is traditionally used for preventing heart disease, treating infections from the human papilloma virus (HPV), asthma, cataracts, and various types of cancer.... »

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