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Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Celery?

There are a good many ways to lower blood pressure naturally, and one of them is with celery. Almost everyone knows that one of the greatest risks for high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems is diet. Chances are, if you are suffering from hig... »

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Part 1: Healthy Weight Loss – Natural and Fast

There are different ways to lose weight; some of them are not very smart, like yo-yo dieting or taking drugs that could harm your liver or body. However, there are healthy weight loss dieting plans that can help you lose weight efficiently, fairly qu... »

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Low-Sodium Meals Realistic?

We all know that a diet of high-sodium is bad for you — it is associated with increased risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and strokes — so why are Canadians still consuming double the amount recommended by Health Canada? The health... »

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What To Eat If You Have Hypertension

Do you have high blood pressure, or hypertension? If so, you must ensure that you have a healthy diet. A weight loss and wellness coach or physician may recommend the DASH diet for lowering blood pressure because of its great success and popularity. ... »

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Naturopath Solution For High Blood Pressure: Vancouver Naturopath Explains

Do you have high blood pressure? High blood pressure—also known as hypertension—is a very common condition but if untreated can lead to serious problems and even death. Downtown Vancouver naturopath Dr. Carol Lin, ND, explains the causes of high bloo... »

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Do You Have High Blood Pressure? Vancouver Weight Loss Coach Can Help

High blood pressure—also known as hypertension—can lead to fatal illnesses. Is your blood pressure too high? If so, you can take steps to reduce it with advice from Bettina Mackenbach, a practicing dietitian and a Vancouver weight loss and wellness c... »

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Dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting

The vicious cycle of unsuccessful dieting—known as yo-yo dieting—makes you regain all the weight you just lost. Weight cycling is incredibly frustrating, but you can avoid it.  Yo-yo dieting is more frustrating than harmful. You deny yourself your fa... »

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Lose Weight with Vinegar

Popular in salad dressings, sauces and as part of pickling processes, vinegar is a compound made up of mostly acetic acid and water. Aside from its culinary and cleaning use, vinegar has also been used throughout the years as a treatment for various ... »

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Lower Cholesterol with Tomatoes

Popular in salads, soups and burgers, tomatoes are also a high source for lycopene. Lycopene is traditionally used for preventing heart disease, treating infections from the human papilloma virus (HPV), asthma, cataracts, and various types of cancer.... »

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The Stressful Facts About Weight Gain

Are you lugging around a lot of extra “weight” due to stress? Well here’s the skinny on stress; specifically, why stress can make us gain weight. We all suffer from varying degrees of stress, but what is it? Stress is basically our ... »

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Vancouver Weight Loss Specialist Says Eating Beets May Help You Lose Weight Faster

Looking for a way to boost the effects of exercise and lose weight? According to Vancouver Weight Loss Specialist, Bettina Mackenbach, “Try eating beets or drinking beetroot juice before your next workout!”  The vegetable renowned as the ... »


Avocados: More Than Just a Guacamole Base

Avocados for weight loss? Holy Guacamole, yes! It would be a good idea to start adding avocados to more than salads, sushi and guacamole for local residents. The fruit (not technically a vegetable since the seed is on the inside) has always been know... »

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A Diet Focusing on Anti-Inflammatory Foods Improves Health Says Vancouver Weight Loss Coach

Inflammation in the body can produce a boatload of health complications with cardiovascular and circulatory health (heart disease and blood pressure), as well as aggravate inflammatory responses like arthritis and osteoarthritis. Eating anti-inflamma... »

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Eating Too Much Sodium?

Canadians eat too much sodium. And salty foods are often the ones which make us gain weight. By cutting down on these foods we’ll become much healthier. Schools and other entities in the know typically advise everyone to abide by the Health Canada gu... »

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Can Diet Drinks Make You Fat?

A friend of mine gulps down multiple 20 oz. bottles of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi per day.  But could it be that drinking zero calorie drinks can actually prevent you from losing weight or perhaps even make you gain weight.  Could diet drinks make you f... »

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Obesity is Regulated by the Amino Acid Cysteine

Cysteine may cause weight gain according to a study.  Obesity affects millions of people globally, but especially in western societies where standard diets tend to be rich in fats and simple carbohydrates.  However, the amino acid Cysteine may help t... »

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Metabolic Syndrome – a Potential Fatal Combo: Vancouver Registered Dietitian

Metabolic syndrome is something that you may have never heard about, warns a Vancouver registered dietitian. “It is not a “disease” but it is the name of a group of risk factors that, if combined, significantly increase the likelihood of stroke, hear... »