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Feel Better by Discovering Hidden Food Allergies

There are a couple of different types of allergies… those that are extremely severe like anaphylaxis reactions (like getting a bee sting that causes swelling to the point of not being able to breathe), which can cause death, to moderate or low allerg... »


Acupuncture’s Amazing Uses

Acupuncture has been used successfully for at least 3,000 years. Yet, in the west, it is a relatively new therapy that has won many praises from patients for pain relief. But did you know the amazing and wider range of uses of acupuncture? We sat dow... »

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Injection Therapy–Vancouver Naturopath Vitamin Treatment

Downtown Vancouver naturopath doctors have a substantial range of services to offer you, including a safe, speedy way of delivering vitamins. Dr. Carol Lin, ND, offers Intravenous Vitamin Injection therapy from her Vancouver practice. Intravenous Vit... »

Vancouver naturopath

Reverse Aging PART I: Vancouver Naturopaths Implore Patients to do The Three “A’s” for Antiaging

Many Vancouver naturopaths, including in and around the rest of BC Canada, say that people have serious concerns about aging. You can help to reverse aging by doing three simple things that bring health benefits; all of them are very easy choices sim... »

Vancouver Naturopath

Vancouver Naturopaths Provide Bio-energy Therapies As Well

Whether you’re stressed, emotionally drained by the Vancouver drizzle, creatively blocked or have an illness you want to solve without resorting to medicine or surgery, you may want to see what Vancouver Naturopaths have to offer. Most people have an... »

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Vancouver Naturopath Says Food Allergies and Gastrointestinal Problems Are Connected

“Food allergies and gastrointestinal sensitivities can often be connected” states downtown Vancouver Naturopath Dr. Carol Lin. “Unlike anaphylactic reactions, symptoms from hidden food allergies can occur several hours, or even days after exposure, m... »