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Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Celery?

There are a good many ways to lower blood pressure naturally, and one of them is with celery. Almost everyone knows that one of the greatest risks for high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems is diet. Chances are, if you are suffering from hig... »

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Part 1: Healthy Weight Loss – Natural and Fast

There are different ways to lose weight; some of them are not very smart, like yo-yo dieting or taking drugs that could harm your liver or body. However, there are healthy weight loss dieting plans that can help you lose weight efficiently, fairly qu... »

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Lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally with Buckwheat

In Vancouver, it’s not difficult to find healthy snack options. Most supermarkets even have a section dedicated to organic, healthy and gluten-free products. One such gluten-free product is buckwheat, a type of seed that is perfect for those with cel... »

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Lose Weight with Omega-3? Maybe Not…

Much has been reported about the metabolic and cardiovascular benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Recent animal studies have also claimed that omega-3 can help with weight loss due to appetite suppression, and changes in adipose tissues and fat oxidatio... »


Lower Cholesterol with Astragalus Herb

From a health survey taken in 2011, it is estimated that 39 per cent of Canadians have unhealthy cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is crucial to the well-being of humans since it plays a vital role in cell membranes’ fluidity, permeability and structur... »

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Lose More Weight by Reducing Sugar? Maybe not…

Nowadays it is almost impossible to avoid foods containing sucrose or high fructose corn syrup. Essentially sugar, the ingredient is prominent in most junk foods, desserts and confectionary. Consumption of sucrose, fructose and glucose can lead to im... »

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High Protein Diet to Drop the Pounds

You can put more food on your plate with a high protein diet. This popular new diet could speed your metabolism and help drop the pounds. This is a diet you must follow with care. The high protein diet can be also high in saturated fat, and low in fi... »

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Are You Getting Enough Energy?

You need energy to live, and it comes from your food. But are you getting the right food and vitamins to give you enough energy for your busy day?  Do you ever feel tired, or drained? Does your exercise plan seem too hard? If so, you might not be get... »

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Lose Weight with Vinegar

Popular in salad dressings, sauces and as part of pickling processes, vinegar is a compound made up of mostly acetic acid and water. Aside from its culinary and cleaning use, vinegar has also been used throughout the years as a treatment for various ... »

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Vancouver Weight Loss Coach Explains Weight Loss And Liver Disease

Being overweight, especially if you are obese, greatly increases your risk of developing liver disease. Developing a sensible weight loss plan will help protect your liver. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease occurs when fat accumulates in the liver cel... »

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Lower Cholesterol with Tomatoes

Popular in salads, soups and burgers, tomatoes are also a high source for lycopene. Lycopene is traditionally used for preventing heart disease, treating infections from the human papilloma virus (HPV), asthma, cataracts, and various types of cancer.... »

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No More Muffin-Top! – Lose Weight with Pistachio Nuts

Nut meats, like pistachios (or even almonds, walnuts, and seeds) have amino acids, are nutrient dense, have health benefits, and contain higher amounts of protein than other vegetarian food sources. This is good news for Vancouver BC residents since ... »


Avocados: More Than Just a Guacamole Base

Avocados for weight loss? Holy Guacamole, yes! It would be a good idea to start adding avocados to more than salads, sushi and guacamole for local residents. The fruit (not technically a vegetable since the seed is on the inside) has always been know... »

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Ginseng as a Naturopathic Herbal Remedy: Vancouver Naturopath

One of the most popular herbal medicines currently available, ginseng has been used as traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, energy and immune booster. Because of its varied uses, your Vancouver nat... »

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Fats To Fear—Names And Shames

We investigated the benefits of fat-free foods and found what diets offer on eating healthy fats. “Don’t eat fats,” scream some diets. “Fat makes you fat” or even “Fat kills”. But we need some fats in our diet. The key is eating sensibly, and being e... »

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If You Are What You Eat, and You Eat Nuts, Are you Nuts?

Eating raw nuts may help you lose weight. The health benefits of nuts added to your diet, or even replacing some forms of meat or other proteins, can be very encouraging in reducing obesity to safer BMI (body mass index). Vancouver residents will fin... »

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Metabolic Syndrome – a Potential Fatal Combo: Vancouver Registered Dietitian

Metabolic syndrome is something that you may have never heard about, warns a Vancouver registered dietitian. “It is not a “disease” but it is the name of a group of risk factors that, if combined, significantly increase the likelihood of stroke, hear... »