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mushroom supplement

Liver Cancer Mushroom Supplement – Phellinus Linteus

The most common type of liver cancer is hepatoma, but a mushroom supplement using the medicinal mushroom Phellinus linteus may be coming to the rescue.  The study of mushrooms is called mycology. Mycological experts, like Paul Stamets, know about the... »

lose weight effortlessly

Five Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Reader’s Digest recently had a great story called 50 Easy Ways to Lose Weight.  Even though losing weight is not rocket science – ultimately you just have to burn more calories than you consume – the tips the publication presented were great.  Here a... »

Vancouver MMR shot

Measles and Mumps Coming Back? Should You Vaccinate Your Child?

The Drudge Report reported earlier this week that measles, mumps and whooping cough – all potential deadly diseases are coming back because some parents are not vaccinating their children. If you live in Vancouver, should you vaccinate your child aga... »

diabetes and anger

Diabetes and Anger – Helpful Tips for the Angry Diabetic

This particular article is near and dear to me because of whom it makes me think of… my best friend’s late husband, whom died of complications associated with Type 1 diabetes. A lot of people feel anger concerning—because of or about—chronic diseases... »

mushroom complex

Veterinarians Prescribe Anti-Cancer Mushroom Complex for Dogs-Cats-Horses

In the Vancouver, BC area there are some veterinarians who are able to prescribe an important medicinal mushroom complex to their patients, the dogs and cats that enter their doors for cancer therapy. In some cases, horses are also able to use the mu... »

chronic dandruff

Your Shampoo May be Contributing to Chronic Dandruff

I have had an interesting history with chronic dandruff, and attempted dandruff control using a variety of shampoos, ever since I was a teenager. Today I am happy to say I live a shampoo-free life and my dandruff is finally gone! Why? Because shampoo... »

zinc and prostate

Zinc and Prostate Health: Oysters May Protect Against Prostate Cancer

Zinc is a mineral that the body needs, but men may need more than women. Dietary zinc can be gotten through zinc-based foods, or through supplementation. It is thought that there is a connection between zinc and prostate cancer, since cancerous prost... »

zinc in oysters

Zinc in Oysters Vs. Cold Lozenges or Cold Remedies

Oysters are known to be an aphrodisiac, eaten for health, but are also known in modern times to boost the immune system due to the amount of zinc in them. Zinc may help ward off a cold, reduce its symptoms, and shorten its duration. So does the zinc ... »

adult obesity statistics

Weighing Adult Obesity Statistics – Where is North America Fat?

North American children are by far more obese than they were a century ago, but people are living longer, too. Part of this shift has been education, economic change, quality of life, advances in medical field and technology, as well as health practi... »

Naturopathic doctor

Clinical Nutrition Advice from Vancouver Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Carol Lin uses a variety of techniques to create balance and wellness in her downtown Vancouver naturopathic doctor practice. One such technique is clinical nutrition. When you visit Dr. Lin she’ll review every detail of your diet, energy and dig... »

flu shots are unhealthy

Flu Shots Are Unhealthy? An Alternative: Medicinal Mushrooms!

These days you seem to find two camps of people regarding whether flu shots are unhealthy or not… those who dependably get their flu shots every season and swear by them, and those who avoid them due to the debate on the health aspects of flu shots. ... »

weight gain

Can Commitment to a Diet Predict Weight Gain?

There are a number of benefits in committing to a weight loss plan. Adhering to an exercise and dietary regimen improves health, reduces risks of diabetes and heart disease, betters sleep and increases energy. Researchers at the University of Alabama... »

Relax The Back

Relax The Back – Vancouver’s Ultimate Destination for Solutions for Back Pain

If you believe you have a “bad” back, maybe you owe it to yourself to visit the place to go specifically for backs.  We met up with Ford Ramsay, owner of Relax The Back in Burnaby in the greater Vancouver, BC area, and put the products to... »

Vancouver registered dietitian

Low-Sodium Meals Realistic?

We all know that a diet of high-sodium is bad for you — it is associated with increased risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and strokes — so why are Canadians still consuming double the amount recommended by Health Canada? The health... »


Acupuncture’s Amazing Uses

Acupuncture has been used successfully for at least 3,000 years. Yet, in the west, it is a relatively new therapy that has won many praises from patients for pain relief. But did you know the amazing and wider range of uses of acupuncture? We sat dow... »

Vancouver dietitian

Are You Feeling Fruity, Asks Vancouver Dietitian?

We all know we should eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, says Bettina Mackenbach, a non-practicing Vancouver dietitian and weight loss and wellness coach. But how much? And is fruit really good for us? Health Canada’s “Food Guide” advises ever... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

What To Eat If You Have Hypertension

Do you have high blood pressure, or hypertension? If so, you must ensure that you have a healthy diet. A weight loss and wellness coach or physician may recommend the DASH diet for lowering blood pressure because of its great success and popularity. ... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Sleep Deprivation Increases Hunger, Shows a Study

If you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds, consider whether your sleeping habits may be hindering the weight loss process. Sleep helps regulate energy balance and metabolic functioning. Those who are sleep deprived may be more likely to increase t... »

Vancouver naturopaths

Type 2 Diabetes: Vancouver Naturopaths Help Keep Your Blood Sugar Down

Downtown Vancouver naturopaths like Dr. Carol Lin, ND, know how difficult living with diabetes can be. This chronic condition affects hundreds of thousands of Canadians, with more being diagnosed every day. If you are diabetic you must keep your bloo... »

Vancouver naturopath

Naturopath Solution For High Blood Pressure: Vancouver Naturopath Explains

Do you have high blood pressure? High blood pressure—also known as hypertension—is a very common condition but if untreated can lead to serious problems and even death. Downtown Vancouver naturopath Dr. Carol Lin, ND, explains the causes of high bloo... »

Vancouver naturopathy

Vancouver Naturopathy Asks: To Eat Eggs, or Not to Eat Eggs?

The topic of eating eggs is asked by Vancouver naturopathy physicians amongst themselves, and some of them, like Vancouver naturopathic doctor, Dr. Carol Lin, ND may have some answers! With all the hormones, and animals being harmed in by overcrowdin... »

vancouver naturopath

Migraine Relief Offered by Vancouver Naturopath

Do you suffer from migraines? These debilitating headaches can make your life a misery. Migraines can cause pounding pain, nausea and sensitivity to light, and can strike at any time. A Vancouver naturopath like Dr. Carol Lin, ND, who is based in dow... »


Treat Your Low Back Pain with Naturopathy

Low back pain, also called lumbago, is a disorder that affects a majority of the population at some point in their lifetime. Characterized as a musculoskeletal pain, says Dr. Lin whom practices naturopathy, it can also lead to other problems such as ... »

Vancouver naturopath

Sugar and Spice: Sugar Addiction is Not Nice! Says Vancouver Naturopath

Most of us have a sweet tooth, as downtown Vancouver naturopath Dr. Carol Lin knows. But are you addicted? Your own Vancouver naturopath will help you detox from sugar. It’s natural to love sugar. Our first food contained sugar: lactose in mother’s m... »

Vancouver registered dietitian

Lose Weight Faster with Grapefruit?

The next time you crave a healthy snack, reach for a grapefruit. Grapefruits are low in calories and high in the fibre pectin, vitamin C and phytochemicals, making it a nutritious choice in helping reduce cholesterol and adding antioxidants to your s... »

Vancouver weight loss coach

Is Your Body Fat Too High?

If you have a high body fat percentage—20% or over for men, 30% for women– you are overweight, according to many health experts, and you should try to reduce your body fat. You are at risk of becoming obese, which in turn leads to a greater ris... »

Vancouver naturopath

Feel It In Your Gut: Vancouver Naturopath On Digestive Health

You are what you eat: so are you a donut? Naturopaths, like Vancouver’s Dr. Carol Lin, ND, know how important nutrition is to your overall health and wellbeing. But are you eating the right foods, asks this Vancouver naturopath? Eating the wrong food... »

Vancouver wellness coach

Can Wheatgrass Help Weight Loss? We Ask A Vancouver Wellness Coach

You’re much more likely to stick to a diet if you’re interested in what you’re eating. And choosing foods—and drinks—which have health benefits will give your diet and exercise plan a boost. There are numerous benefits of wheatgrass. Wheatgrass has b... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Stay Motivated by Rewarding Yourself!

It is only natural to reward ourselves after accomplishing a goal, but can the possibility of reinforcements also motivate individuals to lose weight? Well, according to a study, it can… A study conducted at the University of Connecticut School... »

Vancouver weight loss

Shrink Loose Skin with Raw Food Diet

I asked myself, “If I lose all that weight, what about the excess skin? How do I get rid of all that loose skin?” Horrified by the thought of all my stretch marks collapsing into a field of toneless crevices on my stomach that looked more like elepha... »

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