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long-term weight loss

Three Necessary Elements for Long-Term Weight Loss

Long-term weight loss requires long-term vision and goals to see you through the process. What this typically means is that a bigger vision needs to be in place, like a weight goal in pounds that you want to lose, or a set weight goal amount for how ... »

when to eat

When to Eat to Lose Weight: How Time-of-Day Eating Affects Weight Loss

Most of us are familiar with the old saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” But is it true? Does when to eat, or how we eat, or what we eat affect whether we gain weight? More importantly, does it affect when we lose weight? I cou... »

kelp for weight loss

Kelp for Weight Loss, Especially if You Have a Sluggish Thyroid

Taking sea kelp for weight loss might be a good idea for people with a sluggish thyroid. The thyroid gland is connected to maintaining metabolism and preventing body fat from accumulating. If your thyroid is underactive (i.e., sluggish) or you have a... »


Fatty Liver? Cordyceps Mushroom in Cordycepin Drug May Help

Do you eat too much fat? Drink alcohol too much? Or have a liver disease? Perhaps you’ve had food poisoning before, or were born with a deficient liver. Either way, there is a product called Cordycepin, whose name comes from the primary fungus from w... »

quit smoking

Part 2: The Best Ways for How to Quit Smoking

In Part 1: The Best Ways for How to Quit Smoking, we covered the quitting smoking cold turkey, as well as the Taper Down method, and covered why you need a personal reason to help you quit smoking. Next we will cover supplements or aids, specifically... »

quit smoking

Part 1: The Best Ways for How to Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes or cigars or any other nicotine product can be a very addictive habit—just ask those who smoke! Yet there are ways to stop smoking that are easier than others, but it all depends on the individual as to which one is best. In cigare... »

protein and amino acids

Vegetarian or Vegan Protein and Amino Acids

If you are vegan or vegetarian, or are considering that diet and lifestyle change, you may be wondering what some of the best sources of protein and amino acids actually are. Here is a list of some high-protein vegetable-based foods that also provide... »

healthy snacks for Halloween

Healthy Snacks for Halloween – Weelicious Family Recipes

On occasion, especially special occasions like Halloween, I like to look up websites that I can plunder for an edible munchies list of great recipes! Holiday fun can include a host of ghouls and pumpkins that are made out of simple—and HEALTHY—ingred... »

best enzymes for digestion

10 Best Enzymes for Digestion, GERD, or Stomach Acid

For years I suffered with GERD and chronic heartburn, as well as random stomach attacks called esophagitis, which was like a band or belt being cinched around my chest cavity as a spasm. Later I was diagnosed with GERD and put on a stomach medicine (... »

diabetes and anger

Diabetes and Anger – Helpful Tips for the Angry Diabetic

This particular article is near and dear to me because of whom it makes me think of… my best friend’s late husband, whom died of complications associated with Type 1 diabetes. A lot of people feel anger concerning—because of or about—chronic diseases... »

vegetarian protein

Non-Meat Vegetarian Protein Choices That Help You Stay Healthy

Vegans and vegetarians share a common problem; aside from deficiencies in the amino acid lysine, plus iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamin B-12, one of the challenges for choosing a vegetarian lifestyle is to make sure you get enough protein in your diet... »

couch potato syndrome

The Science Behind Couch Potato Syndrome

The science behind being a couch potato may be cooked up whole, or cut into pieces so it is easier to bite off, but the final message may be boiled down to something not unlike the consistency of mashed potatoes. Yes, it is as starchy and bad for you... »

breaking your diet

Tips for Not Breaking Your Diet

Breaking your diet can be a tough thing for a lot of people. Sometimes it seems hard to avoid snack foods, especially when others are eating it in front of you, or you are too hungry, there are not a lot of food choices, or you are just not in the mo... »

chronic dandruff

Your Shampoo May be Contributing to Chronic Dandruff

I have had an interesting history with chronic dandruff, and attempted dandruff control using a variety of shampoos, ever since I was a teenager. Today I am happy to say I live a shampoo-free life and my dandruff is finally gone! Why? Because shampoo... »

zinc in oysters

Zinc in Oysters Vs. Cold Lozenges or Cold Remedies

Oysters are known to be an aphrodisiac, eaten for health, but are also known in modern times to boost the immune system due to the amount of zinc in them. Zinc may help ward off a cold, reduce its symptoms, and shorten its duration. So does the zinc ... »

mineral makeup

Warning: Is Bare or Natural Mineral Makeup Actually Healthy?

Consumers are concerned with the health of their skin as they choose health products these days. Cosmetics are typically loaded with chemicals that are unnatural, manufactured (artificial), or otherwise not necessarily meant for putting on (or in, ev... »

losing inches

Not Losing Pounds? Do Not Despair… You May Be Losing Inches!

Are you frustrated because you don’t seem to be losing any weight despite sticking to your diet? Well, stick to it anyway, because you might be losing inches rather than pounds during those weight-loss-lulls! Take it from me… I have lost 75 pounds, a... »

flu shots are unhealthy

Flu Shots Are Unhealthy? An Alternative: Medicinal Mushrooms!

These days you seem to find two camps of people regarding whether flu shots are unhealthy or not… those who dependably get their flu shots every season and swear by them, and those who avoid them due to the debate on the health aspects of flu shots. ... »

Dr Weil thyroid

Dr Weil Thyroid Advice – Does Broccoli Slow Metabolism Down?

Dr Weil thyroid information provides us with excellent advice. So how do cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower, affect the thyroid, and therefore our metabolic rate? Do eating these vegetables raw slow down metabolism and keep us from... »

Vancouver weight loss

STOP IT! Just Say NO to Unhealthy Foods – Vancouver Weight Loss Tip

Making wise choices when we go out to eat at restaurants, or other peoples’ houses, or even when we buy groceries for eating at home, is absolutely essential for our health. In fact, take the extra step and instead of making a wiser choice for “more ... »

Vancouver weight loss

Practice Making Better Food Choices – Vancouver Weight Loss Tips

Practicing a new habit can seem daunting, especially when it comes to food. It seems like it is that one evening each week where the friends say, “Come on over for beer and pizza,” where things go haywire in your diet. All the fat in the cheese and m... »

vancouver naturopathy

Vancouver Naturopathy Explains the Dairy and Cancer Connection

In Vancouver naturopathy and health go hand in hand… especially as it relates to cancer and its connection to dairy products. Vancouver naturopathy is well on its way to incredible growth in the alternative health sector. With breast cancer and prost... »

Vancouver naturopathy

Vancouver Naturopathy Asks: To Eat Eggs, or Not to Eat Eggs?

The topic of eating eggs is asked by Vancouver naturopathy physicians amongst themselves, and some of them, like Vancouver naturopathic doctor, Dr. Carol Lin, ND may have some answers! With all the hormones, and animals being harmed in by overcrowdin... »

Vancouver naturopath

Gluten-Free Regardless of Celiac Disease, Says Vancouver Naturopath

Celiac disease is one of the main health reasons why some people avoid gluten in their diet, but celiac disease is not the only reason. According to a Vancouver naturopath, gluten-free diets are to be had by the many rather than the few, whether they... »

Vancouver weight loss

Shrink Loose Skin with Raw Food Diet

I asked myself, “If I lose all that weight, what about the excess skin? How do I get rid of all that loose skin?” Horrified by the thought of all my stretch marks collapsing into a field of toneless crevices on my stomach that looked more like elepha... »

Vancouver weight loss expert

Brown Rice Wards Off Pre-Diabetes

Health Benefits of Losing Weight Enhanced by Eating Complex Carbohydrates? Yes! Obese people have a higher chance to become diabetic, and may already have insulin resistance issues and pre-diabetes without knowing it.  Pre-diabetes is a precursor to ... »

weight loss coach

PART II: Weight Loss Coach? Why Success SOARS for Vancouver Residents!

Tips 4-6 are continued here on why having a Vancouver weight loss coach can bring you from failure to success! For Tips 1-3 please see our previous half of this article with the same title as “PART I Weight Loss Coach? Why Success SOARS for Vancouver... »

weight loss coach

PART I: Weight Loss Coach? Why Success SOARS for Vancouver Residents!

Are you considering having a weight loss coach? Perhaps you have already decided you want one but don’t know where to start, or maybe you are just looking into what having a weight loss coach in Vancouver BC really entails?  One thing is certain, the... »

Vancouver naturopaths

L-lysine Lacking in Health of Vegetarian East Indian Immigrants, Say Vancouver Naturopaths

Protein in cereal foods lacking L-lysine amino acid; the health benefits of supplementation may help. Immigrants in Vancouver BC Canada include a significant portion of vegetarian East Indians who have immigrated to North America, according to Vancou... »

Vancouver naturopath

Vancouver Naturopath Repeats: Reduce Risk for Alzheimer’s by 394 Percent

Downtown Vancouver naturopath, Dr. Carol Lin, understands that Alzheimer’s is a terrible state of affairs for anyone who has been through dealing with this deterioration of the brain. It affects cognition, memory, and otherwise simple abilities to fe... »

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