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Lose Weight with Beans

Looking to lose weight? A study conducted by dell’Università Cattolica di Roma in Italy found that incorporating beans into your diet can help lower body weight and reduce fat mass while maintaining lean body mass.  The common bean, or Phaseolu... »

bitter melon

Lose Weight with Bitter Melon

Commonly used in Asian cuisine and easily found in Vancouver grocery stores, the bitter melon is a plant that also has beneficial health properties. In traditional medicine, bitter melon is used to treat a variety of problems, such as stomach, liver ... »

goji berries

Protect Your Liver with Goji Berries

With the countless holiday meals coming up, your usual healthy diet may fall to the wayside for celebratory champagne and extra helpings of dessert. But according to a study conducted by Sun Yat-Sen University in China, goji berries may help boost yo... »

lower cholesterol levels

Lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally with Buckwheat

In Vancouver, it’s not difficult to find healthy snack options. Most supermarkets even have a section dedicated to organic, healthy and gluten-free products. One such gluten-free product is buckwheat, a type of seed that is perfect for those with cel... »

reduce stress

Reduce Stress Using the Web

As we go about our daily lives, it’s common to feel stressed regarding situations we are uncertain about. Stress can have an impact on our mind and our body, affecting our behaviour. There are a multitude of ways we can relieve or reduce stress: medi... »


Protect Your Liver with Chrysanthemum Tea

The next time you feel like your liver needs a boost (such as after a night of drinking), go for some chrysanthemum tea. Taken from the Chrysanthemum plant, chrysanthemum tea is widely consumed in Asia and can be readily found in Vancouver’s specialt... »


Lose Weight by Snacking on Grain Bars Before Meals

For a simple and effective weight loss strategy, you may want to try snacking on a peanut or grain bar before your next meal. Studies have shown that people who eat at least five servings of peanuts or tree nuts a week are thinner than individuals wh... »

peppermint oil

Peppermint Oil: Weight Loss Via Improved Exercise Performance

What usually comes to mind when someone mentions peppermint (or peppermint oil) are toothpaste and gum. But in a recent study from the University of Mohaghegh Ardabili in Iran, the mint may also enhance exercise performance and, subsequently, benefit... »


Can Astragalus Treat Children’s Lung Disorders?

The herbal supplement astragalus has been researched with some interesting results for children with lung disorders. Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is the most common complication of premature children, usually affecting those with low birth weight... »

weight gain

Can Commitment to a Diet Predict Weight Gain?

There are a number of benefits in committing to a weight loss plan. Adhering to an exercise and dietary regimen improves health, reduces risks of diabetes and heart disease, betters sleep and increases energy. Researchers at the University of Alabama... »

Vancouver registered dietitian

Low-Sodium Meals Realistic?

We all know that a diet of high-sodium is bad for you — it is associated with increased risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and strokes — so why are Canadians still consuming double the amount recommended by Health Canada? The health... »

Vancouver naturopath

Vitamins: Are You Getting A Balance, Asks Vancouver Naturopath

We all know we need vitamins, either from our food (those fruits and veggies!) or supplements. Vitamins are crucial for our health, as downtown Vancouver naturopath Dr. Carol Lin, ND, explains. Even the word vitamin comes from ‘vital’. But it’s equal... »


Can Astragalus Herb Help Prevent Avian Flu?

Avian flu is a type of highly contagious influenza caused by viruses adapted to birds and sometimes results in death. It is subtype H5N1 that has wide coverage in the news because of its ability to cause illness in humans. The herb astragalus, as a s... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Whey Protein in Weight Loss for the Elderly

Weight loss in our teens and adulthood may be relatively straightforward, but when it comes to Vancouver’s elderly population the process for losing weight becomes increasingly more complicated.  With advancing age, the elderly are more prone to loss... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Sleep Deprivation Increases Hunger, Shows a Study

If you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds, consider whether your sleeping habits may be hindering the weight loss process. Sleep helps regulate energy balance and metabolic functioning. Those who are sleep deprived may be more likely to increase t... »

Vancouver weight loss coach

Eat Chili Peppers to Lose Weight

Add some spice to your weight loss diet with hot red peppers. It is believed that capsaicin in chili peppers reduces hunger, which would help consumers of the pepper to lose weight. Previous studies on the effect of hot red pepper on appetite have us... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Consume Grain Legumes to Control Weight

Much like how eating fruit before a meal will increase feelings of satiety afterwards, grain legumes, which according to T Hymowitz, are “plants used as food in the form of unripe pods, immature seed or mature dry seed, directly or indirectly,”... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Lean Muscle Via Protein and Dairy Intake

We all know that the key to losing weight is a balanced program of diet and exercise. But how can we change the composition of weight loss by varying a diet’s protein and calcium content? It may be more efficient to stick to a diet that will help kee... »


Treat Your Low Back Pain with Naturopathy

Low back pain, also called lumbago, is a disorder that affects a majority of the population at some point in their lifetime. Characterized as a musculoskeletal pain, says Dr. Lin whom practices naturopathy, it can also lead to other problems such as ... »

Vancouver registered dietitian

Lose Weight Faster with Grapefruit?

The next time you crave a healthy snack, reach for a grapefruit. Grapefruits are low in calories and high in the fibre pectin, vitamin C and phytochemicals, making it a nutritious choice in helping reduce cholesterol and adding antioxidants to your s... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Stay Motivated by Rewarding Yourself!

It is only natural to reward ourselves after accomplishing a goal, but can the possibility of reinforcements also motivate individuals to lose weight? Well, according to a study, it can… A study conducted at the University of Connecticut School... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Lose Weight with Omega-3? Maybe Not…

Much has been reported about the metabolic and cardiovascular benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Recent animal studies have also claimed that omega-3 can help with weight loss due to appetite suppression, and changes in adipose tissues and fat oxidatio... »

astragalus membranaceus

Can Astragalus Membranaceus Help Reduce Stress?

We’ve all experienced how stress can affect us — it can break our concentration, leave us frustrated and intrude on daily thoughts. Studies have shown that constant stress can even leave a long-term negative effect on the brain, influencing behaviour... »

vancouver dietitian

Lose Weight with Pistachios

Not only are pistachios readily available and delicious, they’re also healthy and can help reduce weight. There’s a misconception that eating fatty foods such as nuts will contribute to weight gain. But small quantities of foods high in unsaturated f... »

weight loss coach

Spice Up your Regimen with Cinnamon

The next time you want to add a little extra flavour in your food without adding a lot of calories, use some cinnamon. It may even help you lose weight – just ask any weight loss coach! Cinnamon is for both weight loss and as an anti-inflammato... »

Vancouver weight loss specialist

Lose Fat by Eating Tofu

Soy, or soybeans, generally regarded as a healthy low-fat source of protein, is a staple in vegan and vegetarian diets, very often eaten in the form of tofu. Tofu is a soy bean curd found in common Chinese recipes. Commonly used as a substitution for... »

Vancouver weight loss

Vancouver Weight Loss Tip: Snack on Fruit!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but will it keep hunger away? Fruits are generally seen as a healthy source of nutrition, so it’s no surprise that the consumption of fruit decreases our feelings of hunger. But does it matter which form we consu... »

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Lose Weight with Barley

The next time grains are included in your recipe, opt for barley instead. A long established cereal grain from the grass family, barley contains eight essential amino acids and is loaded in vitamins. Barley can help lower cholesterol, regulate bowel ... »


Lower Cholesterol with Astragalus Herb

From a health survey taken in 2011, it is estimated that 39 per cent of Canadians have unhealthy cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is crucial to the well-being of humans since it plays a vital role in cell membranes’ fluidity, permeability and structur... »

Astragalus membranaceus

Can the Herb Astragalus membranaceus Help Stroke Patients?

Astragalus membranaceus, a plant found in traditional Chinese medicine, has been used in the past for diabetes and healing. It can also help increase metabolism and sweating, reduce tiredness, and regulate the lungs, adrenal glands and the gastrointe... »

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