Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss

alkaline diet

What is an alkaline diet mean? Does it mean eating foods that have an alkaline pH, or avoiding acidic pH foods? Not necessarily, because you can eat acidic foods like oranges or other citrus, red wine, and tomatoes, which ultimately raise the alkalinity levels in your body. These are said to promote health and well being, including weight loss, and also protect you from cancer or reduce the chances for even precancerous cells to form within your body.

An alkaline diet is important because it consists of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and eliminates the most acid-forming foods such as meats, eggs, dairy, coffee, sugar, chocolate, walnuts, and wheat. Additionally, some of the most common food allergens—whether people know they are slightly allergic or not—include wheat, eggs, and dairy. Eliminating these three foods alone raise your chances of feeling better, losing weight easier, and being healthier overall.

How to lose weight by eating an alkaline diet

On the pH scale, neutral is 7, while anything below that count is acid, and anything above it is alkaline. Drinking alkaline water can help alkalinize your body and produce a healthy response. Sickness and disease come from acidity in your bloodstream and cells. An acid environment also reduces your immune system’s ability to fight colds, flu, or other illnesses. Cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and a tremendous list of health issues are associated with both obesity and an acid-filled body.

Losing weight and forming an alkaline pH in your body is essential to health. Here is an alkaline and acid food chart that shows some of the alkaline diet and acid-forming foods. This is an easy-to-view chart to scope out the pros and cons of certain foods at a glance.

Additionally, here are some alkaline diet foods that promote health, according to Dr. Oz. Some of these include raw spinach, raisins (very high, although figs are also very high), celery, bananas, carrots, apricots, watermelon, zucchini, and more.

Sometimes eliminating foods seems hard, but really it is just a matter of substitution. Try raw veggies instead of lifeless cooked or canned ones. Consider raw apples instead of apple cobbler for dessert. Consider beans and brown rice instead of a heart-unhealthy steak for a complete protein.

If you make the right choices, and focus on health, rather than losing weight, the weight loss will actually come by default. I have never seen a fat vegan, for instance, unless they eat vegan junk food. Health is number once, and an alkaline diet will help you obtain and maintain your health and a lower BMI!


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